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"When was the last time I went to Moving Parts...?"
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Over 600 plays and filmscripts have been read during the 20 year existence of Moving Parts.
So you can be forgiven for having forgotten a few. Unless, of course, you are the author...
Find out who it was wrote that play you liked so much... Join us in a trip down memory lane...

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
09.09.18"Biting Back"
(musical play)
Emmanuelle ZagoriaWhat happens after the "happily ever after"? What does the "after" hold? Is there too great a sacrifice to be "happily" with another? Does someone's love have the ability to make you happy for "ever"? In looking at the parallels between a daughter's new relationship and that of her dysfunctionally divorced parents, this story looks at how we can never escape our past, and that the happy endings we strive for aren't always the ones that suit us best Margaux Billard
Nicolas Jan
Gillian Flochel
Eva Tesiorowski
Manuel Sinor Vladimir Medail
Ron GerowShe's a city hotshot finance executive. He's a house husband, stuck between the laundry room and the golf course...
but he's a Very Lucky Guy
Shahana Goswami, Krishna Bagadiya, Damian Corcoran, Jerome Wiggins, Stephanie Campion  
17.06.18"Alma of San Francisco"
(second reading)
Hilary KaiserAn early 20th century rags to riches story about a washerwoman's daughter who, thanks to her not always admirable determination, her "Sugar Daddy" and her French connections, becomes the millionaire benefactress of San Francisco. Inspired by a true story. Kim Tilbury, Bill Dunn, Ingrid Werner, Brice Tripard, Martine Gille,
Eleanor Zoe Howes
03.06.18"Too Clever by Half"

Gwyneth Hughes For one day, in one house, six women pursue different goals. Vicky wants to get out. Pearl wants to come in. Maureen wants to talk. Odette wants to say nothing. Rosanna wants trouble, and Joy wants them all to be friends. Will anyone get what she wants? Elena Luoto, Kim Tilbury, Caroline Askew, Ingrid Werner, Nikoleta Migdalias, Ella Corcoran 
20.05.18"The Lake and the Bird"Lance TaitFor Chinese-American Daphne Lee it's all about herself and her personal and cultural struggles. But the ancient goddess Athena (in modern dress) has other ideas. Elena Odessa, Stephanie Campion, Carey Downer, Emily Guernsey, Louise Denyer, Bill Dunn, Damian Corcoran  
22.04.18Little Wonder
six short radio plays
Director : Keith Crawford The Third Bridge (Anni Walsh) a vengeful miner
Consume By : Day/Month/Year (Kai Maristed) a relationship ruined by writing
Non-Figurative Sculpture (Lisa Pasold) a broken down lift
First Officer (Keith Crawford) a space battle
Walking the Halls (Toby Frost) a haunted house
Operation Semen (Oliver Warren) how to make a horse ejaculate
David Gasman
Roger Surridge
Stephanie Campion
Meagan Lopez
Summer 2018 : all six plays are being broadcast by Little Wonder
08.04.18"Go Gentle"
Michael Diantonio An emergency adventure... Jerry di Giacomo, Raluca Nechita, Walter Dickerson, Laura Adam, Joe Wilkins, Alexandra Tomko  
25.03.18Three 10-minute sketches
a One-Act play
Debra Wiess

Christopher Lord
Late night dog barking disturbs a couple, a dinner party is assessed, and a new idea is shared with a friend.
An astronaut has a conversation with his on-board computer. It turns out that he's done it before
Caroline Askew
Stephanie Campion
Douglas English
Armen Georgian

Stephanie Campion
Armen Georgian
11.02.18"Paul and Emile
The Masterpiece"
Kai Maristed A fictional yet plausible surprise reunion between writer Emile Zola and painter Paul Cézanne. Former close friends, they have been bitterly estranged for sixteen years. In the space of one day and night they fight for both forgiveness and revenge. While Death hovers invisibly in the artist's studio, the two reminisce, paint, and orate, joust for supremacy, drink, play cards, laugh, philosophize about fame, art, and love... and confront their most secret fears and longings. Bill Dunn
Joe Wilkins
Stephanie Campion
14.01.18"The Loser"Tony Stowers Peter Bird's wicked idea of fun is the humiliation of those he considers to be intellectually or socially inferior, and he shares this horrible hobby with others of equally distressing ilk.
But tonight, nature incapacitates him just as he is about to spring his cruel trap on an unsuspecting, train-spotting northerner. He is about to learn a lesson he'll never forget.
Keith Crawford
Roger Surridge
Damian Corcoran
Julie Kalya
Richard Hadley
Kevin Harrigan

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