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"What was the name of that actor who was so good in that play whose name I can't remember...?"
"How long ago was it I promised to write the next draft of my play...?"
"When was the last time I went to Moving Parts...?"
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Over 600 plays and filmscripts have been read during the 22 year existence of Moving Parts.
So you can be forgiven for having forgotten a few. Unless, of course, you are the author...
Find out who it was wrote that play you liked so much... Join us in a trip down memory lane...

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
09.02.20"Images of You"Anni Walsh Does every seemingly happy family have an unhappy heart? What happens when mothers, fathers, and their children are forced to perform open heart surgery? Do the sins of the fathers have to repeat themselves or is there a way in which any man, woman or a child can extricate themselves and be free? If they fail or if they succeed, is there a different price to pay – and who will pay it? Stephanie Campion
Sue Laplane
Lauren Greenwood
Damian Corcoran
Dario Costa
John Romano
Roger Surridge
12.01.20Two one-act playsRichard Ingram
Kevin Dwyer
in which the vice-president of the USA is interrogated
in which the barman at an Irish pub has an interesting encounter.
Laura Adam
Joe Wilkins

Jeremy Coffman
Eoin Kilemade

How far back can you remember?...

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