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In 2012, 22 plays were read by 130 actors before audiences totalling 438 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
16.12.12"The Writers"Andrew Auerbach In his New York Loft apartment, award-winning novelist Max Prentice sits at his computer, staring blankly at the screen while, in his small room, Larry Gimble types busily. Literary agent Rodney Walker arrives to give Max the great news that his next novel has been optioned... David Gasman
Saul Jephcott
Damian Corcoran
Anna Cottis
Kim Tilbury
New version of The Novelist, read on 29.04.2012
Thomas Gatus In the early Middle Ages, a young man makes a promise to a dying king and suffers the wrath of an evil queen to fulfill his destiny, which includes a horde of gold, a chimera, a monastery, elves, clashing armies, reindeer, Sami (aka Laplanders) and, of course, a romance. Michael Maricondi, Rachel Rouquet, Bill Dunn, Tanya Gallagher, Michel Biel, Beth Jervis, Richard Hadley, Anna Verma, Thomas Victorio, Stephanie Campion,  
04.11.12Two One-Act Plays for RadioAnne Walsh HEART ACHE: A ladies' toilet in a busy restaurant, two cubicles, both occupied. Toilet flushes and Sarah comes out of one. The other one remains locked. For a very long time...
LIFE-LINES: Two rooms – one the lounge of a suburban house in Evesham and the other a booth in a Samaritans call centre in Cardiff.
Diane Bertrand, Maxine Canham, Isha Corcoran, Beth Jervis, Erin Koval

Diane Bertrand, Stephanie Campion,
21.10.12"Learning to Let Go"John Farragher "I am traveler in all senses of the word. Returning home, after long absences I feel like a stranger despite the familiar surroundings.""
This story deals with communication and how a family copes rather than confronts issues, past and present. John returns home on a surprise visit only to be greeted at the door by his troubled sister, aging parents and different ways of dealing with reality.
Patrick J.O'Reilly, Jean O'Sullivan,
Mike Dineen, Francesca O'Brien,
Serge Bolze, James Creedon
07.10.12Two One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes LONG DISTANCES: Gayle's return to town is like a gale of wind in the lives of her close friends. Will it blow away their marriage?
INDELIBLES: Will Beverly learn from her demented mother the dark secrets that caused so much unhappiness in her childhood?
David Hovis, Melinda Gidaly-Mayor,
Hanniffa Patterson
Stephanie Campion, Louise Denyer, Kim Tilbury
23.09.12"Ménage à Trois"Melvyn Chase "Each play is a two-hander. The third character in the "ménage" remains offstage:
PROVENANCE : a summer afternoon in the Greenwich village studio shared by Julia and her husband Leo, a renowned artist, who died a year ago.
MARY ANNE : an April morning on the screened-in porch of a lakeside summer home in Connecticut.
PROFESSOR SUNSHINE : late September in the kitchen of a large house surrounded by woodland.
Shelly de Vito, Michael Maricondi,

Stephanie Campion, James Mitchell

Tanya Gallagher, Bill Dunn
08.07.12"Farewell Sister"Efemena Agadama "O! The hour is darkened. No path is safe." Amina and Andrew, a Muslim and a Christian, a poet and a playwright are in love. Will they find a safe route? Will they be lonely at this hour that voices are being drowned? Hanniffa Patterson, Serge Ubrette, Gigi Ledron,
Mata Gabin, Hyacinthe Imayanga, Beth Jervis
24.06.12"Red Bandana"
Timothy Jay Smith A repo man on the run from a Mexican drug gang sets up his twin brother to take the hit for him, only to have a change of heart and try to save his life.
The Talented Mr. Ripley meets The Usual Suspects in this gritty and fast-paced suspense thriller.
Simon Marozzi, Timothy Marozzi, Yasemin Bozdogan, David Booth, Maurizio Arena, Bill Dunn, David Hovis, Hank Resnik, Danny Rukavina, Thomas Victorio, Stephanie Campion,  
10.06.12"Drawing Blood" Charles Borkhuis Vacationing in the Caribbean, a middle-aged producer of vampire movies and his actress wife line up two unsuspecting young people for late night fun and games. But when one of them fakes being a vampire to get a part in the producer’s next horror movie, things turn outrageously diabolical. This black comedy stirs up the desperate dreams of four L.A. movie types who have trouble distinguishing reality from the silver screen, even when their lives depend on it... David Coburn
Kim Tilbury
Kristina Sherwood-Dekens
Michael Maricondi
27.05.12"Three Trees"Alvin Eng An historical drama set in 1950's Paris that explores the unique relationship between Alberto Giacometti and Japanese existential philosopher, Isaku Yanaihara. The artist's obsession with capturing the philosopher's image and essence in sculpture and painting forever changed his work and relationship with his wife, Annette, and brother, Diego. This is the first of Eng's PORTRAIT PLAYS cycle about artists and portraiture. Jean-Pierre Stewart
Gen Shimaoka
Jerry di Giacomo
Christina Batman
Scenes presented at a Sorbonne conference
29.04.12"The Novelist"Andrew Auerbach In his New York Loft apartment, award-winning novelist Max Prentice sits at his computer, staring blankly at the screen while, in his small room, Larry Gimble types busily. Literary agent Rodney Walker arrives to give Max the great news that his next novel has been optioned... Manuel Sinor, Damian Corcoran,
David Gasman, Anna Cottis,
Barbara Scaff
Rewrite (already!) read on 16.12.2012 - new title, new ending...
01.04.12"Lethal Ladyes"

double bill with
"Peas in a Pod"
Jane Rony & Diana Stewart /

Douglas English
A prison in the afternoon during visiting hours. A big book of the Complete Works of William Shakespeare lies on the table between Lavinia and Lilly.

Springtime in Paris. The frozen food section of a supermarket. Owen and Claire reach for the last packet of frozen peas at the same time...
Stephanie Campion, Aoife Stone

David Coburn, Carey Downer,
Erin Koval, Jeremy Savoir
04.03.12"Bones of Contention"
(2nd reading)
Gwyneth Hughes Will a psychiatrist be able to free Julia from the demands of a ghost who relentlessly torments her? Stephanie Campion, Chloe Dunn,
Beth Jervis, Chloe Lauverjon
19.02.12"The Numberless House" Roderick Ford Christian and Olga, their lives already blighted by cruel twists of fate, are on the run. Taking a room in a strange old house, they discover that the previous tenant disappeared in worrying circumstances. As time passes, they must confront the mysteries of their own being and the terrors of The Numberless House. Carey Downer, Dario Costa,
Jane Rony, Joseph Marshall,
Mike Dineen, Stephanie Campion
12.02.12"A Modern Fairy Tale"John Binkley A story of alleged rape, class, race, the brokerage of power and money, inspired by a true story, with names changed to protect the innocent. Two Harvard lawyers face off: the distinguished defense attorney with too many notches in his gun, up against a young woman, recent graduate, Law Review. The case involves a wealthy white man who - at the very least - sought sexual favors from a black maid. Was there a crime? Liza Binkley, Stephanie Campion,
Bill Dunn, Marc Duret, Gigi Ledron
05.02.12"Gambling Fever"
(2nd reading)
Lance Tait Victoria Van Epps runs a multi-million dollar supermarket chain (which she inherited) in Colorado. But this isn't enough for her. She funds a politician whom she will have legislate new regulations so that she can establish a large casino in the Rocky Mountains. One obstacle: an American Indian named Ed. A drama of magical realism concerning our fate and that of our planet.Marie-Céline Courilleault, N.C.Heikin, Beth Jervis, Elena Luoto, Kristina Sherwood, Amanda Stauffer, Paul Cavin, Damian Corcoran, Bill Dunn, Jerry Prillaman, Darcy Ruscio, Thomas Victorio,  
22.01.12"Public School"
Kartik Singh First day of school in a tough Parisian suburb, and it's also the first day of the Headscarf Ban... A sensitive film about prejudice and coming to terms with cultural differences. Stéphanie Cannellis, David Gasman, Saul Jephcott, Murielle Martinelli, Suresh Nampuri, Alyssa Landry  

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