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In 2017, 20 plays were read by 109 actors before audiences totalling 261 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
03.12.17"Was Abraham Bluffing?"

Ken Mackenzie "Our Father, What the Hell!!" is the controversial title of a proposed book of Biblical studies by young British writer, Sandy Macintosh. He is concerned about the Bible's conflicting advice on family life, concentrating especially on the Abraham-Isaac story. Did God really advise Abraham to kill his son? Sandy is especially involved because his father seems about to reveal secrets that would wreck his writing career. Who can trust whom? Kester Lovelace
Armen Georgian
Marc Duret
Maja Bieler
Louise Denyer
Cristina Vremes
19.11.17"Alma of San Francisco"Hilary Kaiser An early 20th century rags to riches story about a washerwoman's daughter who, thanks to her not always admirable determination, her "Sugar Daddy" and her French connections, becomes the millionaire benefactress of San Francisco. Inspired by a true story. Dolly West, Rachel Rouquet
Sheila Coren-Tissot
Helena Dubiel, Mimi Roussin
Bill Dunn, Xavier Bonastre
Jon Russo
05.11.17"Distant Shores"Anni Walsh What happens when a father disappears without a trace, with no explanation, and his wife and children begin to lose their future and their past? Carey Downer, Roger Surridge, Damian Corcoran and the voice of Maxwell Downer.  
22.10.17"Space Station Zeta"

a radio play
Keith Crawford Boyle's boss is his ex-girlfriend, his assistant is in love with the station computer, and the station computer is trying to kill him. Worse yet, Chairman Ronald Dump has a plan to make Space Station Zeta great again, and he won't let words like "absurd", "impossible" or "massive explosion" get in his way. Damian McCann
Armen Georgian
Jolaine Beal
Stephanie Campion
Joe Wilkins
24.09.17"Out of Time"
a radio play
Anni Walsh Whatever their size, some people take up more space in the world. I don't. I think I did once. Then I became... invisible... That scarf today... reminded me. It hit me like an electric shock – seeing it again after all this time. That's what memories are like to me now. They arrive unexpectedly, uninvited – out of the blue. Stephanie Campion
Sarah Bartlett
Gillian Flochel
Beth Jervis
Serge O'Sullivan
Roger Surridge
10.09.17"Just a Twitch of his Eyebrow"James Overton In an English adaptation of a French play by Ged Marlon, three actors are rehearsing a new play written by one of them. They improvise their way around the incoherence of the piece, including such instructions as the twitch of an eyebrow. That night the author rewrites the play... Damian Corcoran
Dario Costa
Kester Lovelace
02.07.17"Femmes Parfaites"Stuart Caldwell A playwright named Stuart, struggling to finish the most important work of his life, is dealing with crippling writer's block, his imperious mother and five lovers. As he wrestles with the piece as the deadline approaches, it is the answer to one question that may hold the answer to everything important in his life: What makes the perfect woman?David Coburn
Sonia Backers, Diane Bertrand, Margaux Billard, Stephanie Campion
Kirsten Daniels
Sophia Dunn-Walker
18.06.17"Flipperman"Charles BorkhuisThe dark side of American culture as seen by Ben, a small town burger flipper, who descends from an ordinary, boring life into a sinister underworld of drugs, sex, violence and dysfunctional institutions. Only when he finally hits bottom does he find the grit to come back and fight for his child and a new love in his life.Patrick Reikie
Jerry di Giacomo
Jean-Pierre Stewart
Caroline Askew
Meagan Lopez
21.05.17"Unmasked"Patti Cassidy Anna, a Boston portrait sculptor, wants to help war victims in the First World War. When she learns she can make masks for the mutilated soldiers, she dedicates herself to the task in Paris. But when she returns to her art at home, she finds she may not have left her work behind her.
Based on a true story.
Elizabeth Corbett
Sanja Jancovic, Marc Duret, Brice Tripard, Dario Costa, Bayron Norman,
Stephanie Campion
07.05.17"80s Alive"Alan Wagner Dramatic Readings of 1980s Pop Song Lyrics : a celebration of music's greatest decade. A magical journey back in time... Hits by more than 30 of the era's biggest stars... Dramatic interpretations in spoken word by ... Stephanie Campion
K J Dwyer
Johnny Palmer
Scott Emerson
23.04.17"Voltaire's Revolution"

Gail Noyer In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo and Bataclan tragedies, Voltaire citations resounded worldwide. We discover why, as co-editor of the French Encyclopedie, D'Alembert, visits Voltaire, agonizing over the religious persecutions taking place. Voltaire struggles to recruit him into his all-out pamphlet war on state-imposed religions, whose characters come to life before us...James Mitchell
Fabien Houssaye
Marc Duret
Kevin Harrigan
Brice Tripard
Nicolas Jan
Yannick Rocher
02.04.17"As Flotsam and Jetsam"Debra Wiess Before Gary and Sheila Sinclair can enjoy their bucolic life on Stone Isle where they have a second home, they must entertain one more set of guests, Carole and Tom Baxter, for a weekend. They find life on a quiet island is not always quiet and without its unexpected surprises... Bill Dunn
Rachel Rouquet
K J Dwyer
Kay Bourgine
Adam Downs
19.02.17"Go Softly"
Michael Diantonio An emergency adventure... Ronald Crooks, Jolaine Beal, Walter Dickerson, Bill Dunn, Cristina Vremes, Nikoleta Migdalias 
05.02.17Three One-Act Plays :
"Posters", "Theatrics", and "Chimes"
Gwyneth Hughes What really happens to the four people in POSTERS who communicate only through song lyrics, to the unhappily-married couple in THEATRICS who improvise a harsh solution to their conflict, and to the ex-lovers in CHIMES who, after years of separation, find themselves in several different versions of their present meeting? Armen Georgian
Jeremy Coffman
Nikoleta Migdalias
Mollie Laylin
22.01.17"Apple Pie"

Gwyneth Hughes While making an apple pie, a woman speaks to her husband in the next room about an embarrassing little personal problem. Then she shuts the kitchen door and continues with a private confession that concerns the lives of several other men she has recently met... Laura d'Arista  
08.01.17"Violet's Diary"

Hilary Kaiser Lisa's great-grandmother Violet was quite a woman in her day, back in the early 1900s. What effect will Violet's story and the secrets she kept have on 19-year-old Lisa as she struggles to come to terms with her own life and future? Part detective story set both in the past and the present, part romance, "Violet's Diary" enacts the heroines' journeys in their respective worlds.Elena Odessa
Katharine Richardson
Gautier Cazenave
Emily Guernsey
Nicolas Jan
Madeleine Barchevska
Joe Wilkins

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