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In 2016, 21 plays were read by 112 actors before audiences totalling 271 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
18.12.16"The Lydia Foundation"Nia Cason In a bid to change her identity as "superstar Jonny Lana's ex-wife" and "the woman who did that film", self-interested (and now ageing) former glamour model Lydia decides to found a human rights organisation which she names the "The Lydia Foundation" and inadvertently cures a rare disease.... Stephanie Campion
Damian Corcoran
Stacey Legendre
Kester Lovelace
Lucille O'Flanagan
04.12.16"Voltaire's Revolution"Gail Noyer Co-editor of the famous French Encyclopedie, D'Alembert, visits Voltaire in his Swiss border hideout to dissuade him from his perilous (but ultimately winning) pamphlet war on state-imposed religions - as variously comic or militant characters in the pamphlets come to life around them. Jean-Pierre Stewart
Dario Costa, Damian Corcoran, Bill Dunn
Kevin Dwyer, Armen Georgian, Katie Haigh
20.11.16"The Demon Child"
a radio play
Christopher Lord One day Mr and Mrs Baker's teenage daughter Charlotte killed her best friend Taahira with a knife. Taahira was a British Pakistani: and before long it looks as if it might spiral into a major international incident. Stephanie Campion
Damian Corcoran, Sarah Tullamore, Rany Patout, Christopher Lord
06.11.16"All That We Are"
a play for voices
Anni Walsh As a brother and sisters meet up after thirty years, what happens when they delve back into the past? When secrets are uncovered how can they then move forward into the future? David Coburn, Joanna Bartholomew, Dominic Douglas, Carey Downer, Damian Corcoran, Stephanie Campion  
23.10.16Two One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes THREE STEPS AWAY: Two women who were once married to the same man, recently deceased, try to frighten each other - to death
LONELY BONES: Julia is haunted by a ghost who demands that her bones be transferred to a more congenial graveyard. She consults a psychiatrist for help.
Diana Stewart
Stephanie Campion

Piper Lincoln, Jennifer Karen, Kim Tilbury, Emily Guernsey
09.10.16"Fire and Faith"Emily Guernsey A family with secrets attempts to move forward after the death of Rachel's fiancé. Her parents go to work; her sister goes to school, and it snows in New York. Everything seems normal... but Rachel has questions. Questions about her brother, her father, the fire, his faith, and most importantly, questions about her fiancé himself. What will she uncover? Sophia Dunn-Walker, Alexandra Tomko
Kay Bourgine, Robert Bradford, Adam Downs
Ivan du Pontavice
James Thomson
25.09.16Two One-Act Plays Debra Wiess UNTITLED: If the art on the wall in a gallery exhibition could talk, what would it say?
OF TIME AND MEMORY: Iconic authors Marcel Proust and James Joyce in conversation about Time, Memory... and Life!...
Marc Duret
Paddy Sherlock
19.06.16"The Second Mouse"Rita Anderson Mitch has a broken play. Julia has writing experience. They trade favours and work together, but soon ideas, relationships and boundaries blur until there's no telling where reality ends and fiction begins. In a world where the concept of ownership is in crisis, what does it mean to belong? Where do ideas come from? Who owns them? Elena Odessa
Patrick Reikie
Eva Quinto
Joe Wilkins
Shugga Rosenbloom
05.06.16"Violet's Secret"Hilary Kaiser Written in the early 1900s, Lisa's great-grandmother Violet's diary will come to life before Lisa's eyes and influence her as she contemplates what to do following a dramatic moment in her life... Alicia Martineau
Alexandra Tomko
Adam Downs
Jim Louaisil
Stephanie Campion
Bill Dunn
22.05.16Two One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes FALSE PREMISES: Why would a plumber go into a bedroom to repair a leak?
AN OUNCE OF TRUTH: "Haven't you ever suffered bereavement? A terrible excruciating sense of loss for one unique beloved person you'll never see again?" Claire is in mourning for Robert. But all is definitely not as it seems...
Kirsten Daniels
Rachel Rouquet
Douglas English
Colum Morgan
Lea-Surya Diouf
17.04.16"Knock Three Times"
Christopher Lord A play about the morality of warfare, in which a freedom fighter on the run from the forces of repression takes refuge in the home of an old university friend, who has become a peace campaigner and is horrified by the civil war that is under way. Dario Costa
Sanja Jankovic
Kester Lovelace
03.04.16An Evening of ShortsR.Bismargi, K.J.Dwyer, T.Gatus, K.Mackenzie"Plum Special School" by Ralph Bismargi
"Vestiges" by K.J. Dwyer
"The Stamp" by Thomas Gatus
"Loving Honour More" by Ken Mackenzie
"Gloria Angelica Says Goodbye" and
"The Undertaker" by Thomas Gatus
Bill Dunn, Doug Rand
Darcy Ruscio
Jim Sheppard
Stephanie Campion
Sheila Coren-Tissot
Elizabeth Wautlet
06.03.16   VTom O'BrienThis is the day the Dillinger Corporation is due to authorise an arms delivery to a Russian client. But sex, romance and paranoia rear their unruly heads, not to mention a spot of international bother. So will the deal go through? Olivier Raynal
Armen Georgian
Jerry di Giacomo
June McGrane
21.02.16"Being, Nothingness and Shopping"Sarah Eigerman The story of two Parisian souls who collide, become acquainted, share an apartment - and some other stuff - for awhile, then go their ways. A bittersweet comedy about faith, doubt, hope, fear, friendship, love, life and day-old casserole. Brice Tripard
Camille Krieg
Marc Duret
07.02.16"Courtly Love"
a play for voices
Anni Walsh Midnight in the city of Cardiff. A few people stalk the streets, others lie awake waiting, some trying in vain to sleep, and a solicitor on call sleeps as one who knows he'll be woken by the telephone. On this night many lives will shift... Joshua Richards, Damian Corcoran, Armen Georgian, Johnny Palmer, Carey Downer, Beth Jervis, Stephanie Campion,  
24.01.16"Locked In"
Dr.Ronald Hill They're lawyers and they’ve got it all! These law school pals graduate and get everything they've ever dreamed of: great jobs, girlfriends, apartments, cars, clothes, and lots of money. They've got it all. Or have they? As the years go by they begin to question the value of their lives. Jeremy Coffman, Andres Peyrot, Kirsten Daniels, Elizabeth Wautlet, Louise Denyer, Elena Odessa, Caroline Askew, Anna Verma, Bill Dunn 
10.01.16"The God of Tarsus""Vagatur" (Bob Stoner) Schiller and Goethe collaborate: Weimar Classicism. But it's not really working out. They're having a bad day. Goethe is in a dark mood - inspiring him to write about vampires, dancing skeletons and dead children. He feels and expresses something horrible about life. Schiller stands devoted to light, beauty and reason. They clash... Damian Corcoran

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