Some statistics, for those who like that kind of thing :

In 2013, 17 plays were read by 109 actors before audiences totalling 329 people
a lower number than usual, due to Stef's absence whilst appearing in " My Fair Lady" for the whole of December

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
10.11.13"Sein Kampf"
The Hitler That Never Was
George Vance With The Habsburg Empire on the wane and the Vienna 1900 Renaissance in full flower, the unformed down-and-out Adolph struggles to forge his singular persona...
An English language play based on documented but freely interpreted anecdotes from Hitler’s youth in Pre-WW I fin-de-siècle Vienna.
Michael Maricondi
Zack Buell,
Beth Jervis
Pierre Knoesen
Johnny Palmer
Stephanie Campion
27.10.13"Proust and Joyce at the Majestic"Debra Wiess To celebrate the premiere of Stravinsky’s new ballet "Le Renard" by Les Ballets Russes on 18th May 1922, Sydney and Violet Schiff held the "soirée of the century" at the Majestic Hotel in Paris. It was at this party that five of the greatest icons of Modernism – writers Marcel Proust and James Joyce, artist Pablo Picasso, composer Igor Stravinsky and impresario Sergei Diaghilev - were brought together. Damian Corcoran
Bibi Jacob
Xavier Bonastre
Damian McCann
Lemmy Constantine
Maurizio Arena
Dario Costa
13.10.13"You Will Struggle for the Rest of your Life"
Lance Tait A road movie, on foot. Three years after he split up with her mother, Mike is on a day's hike with Leigh-Ann in the majestic (and here, surreal) Colorado mountains. Struggles from the outside world intrude on them as they make their way to the day’s conclusion, both striking for its beauty and troubling for its shadows of violence.Caroline Askew
Paul Cavin
Bill Dunn
Jennifer Karen
David Hovis
Danny Rukavina
Stephanie Campion
29.09.13Two One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes TRICKY BUSINESS: Sharon gives Nora painful information that will drastically affect Nora's actions toward members of her family. Rightly so?
SKIN DEEP: Irene wishes to reveal her past history to the world. Her two closest friends advise against it. Is honesty the best policy or should Irene keep her life story a secret?
Stacey Legendre
Rachel Rouquet
Jeremy Coffman
15.09.13"Bonjour Florida"
Thomas Gatus A complacent neighborhood goes topsy-turvy as cultures and stereotypes collide when a distant French relative shows up unannounced on a doorstep in Panacea, Florida. Emmanuel Ullmann, Jeremy Coffman, Jolaine Beal, Francesca O'Brien, Bill Dunn, David Hovis, Kim Tilbury, Paul Cavin, Danny Rukavina, Stephanie Campion  
(TV drama episode)
Romilly Walton-Masters In a dystopian Britain, babies have become a commodity. The Government has introduced a new initiative, the Family Options Bureau scheme, that auctions babies. While the Government reaps the rewards, everyone else pays a price.Hanniffa Patterson, Anastasia Wells, Damian Corcoran
Sara Turman, Sanja Jankovic, Armen Georgian, Hyacinthe Imayanga, Daniel Lobé, Stephanie Campion, Louise Denyer, Philippine de Saint-Exupéry, Perry Leopard
26.05.13"Commerce and Illusions"
Roy Lisker A raw slice of life expose of the sleazier side of the advertising film industry: the producers are petty embezzlers who also do hard core pornographic films as a side line. Into this world steps a young, idealistic girl from the provinces with a talent for acting, very little experience, and dreams of becoming a film star...Cassidi Leigh Parker
Marc Duret
Frédéric Le Guern
Mark Cresswell
Morgan Lamorté
Stephanie Campion
David Hovis
Antoine Brin
05.05.13Three One-Act Plays by
three authors
Nathalie Bassand,
Elena Nesti,
Kacie Devaney
SES PLUMES COMME DE LA NEIGE: Vingt ans plus tard, l'inspecteur Matsunaga revisite le lieu d'un drame...
BITE THE APPLE: Why is Snow White dressed as a green apple?
CHANGING TABLES: Two actors, fifteen characters and a love story...
Yannick Rocher, Gen Shimaoka, Kentaro, Diego Asensio
Kristina Sherwood-Dekens
Carline Lemire,
Jolaine Beal, Sylvain Charbonneau
21.04.13"Love Her to Death" Yair Packer
Sandra has cancer and wishes to commit suicide. However she can't leave the world before putting her mother in an old people's home, which she can't afford. In hospital Sandra meets Jane – a well known painter who has Parkinson's – and seeks a way to talk Jane into putting up the money for the old people's home. Stephanie Campion,
Diana Stewart-Rossine
Autumn 2017 : being produced in Melbourne, Australia
07.04.13Three One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes LOST IN THOUGHT: While a car rolls along a highway, the stories in the minds of its three occupants merge into a dangerous new version of past events...
CIVICS LESSON: Pre-adolescent ethics in the atomic age!
FOND FAREWELLS: In a flash-forward, Jack sees the consequences of an act he is about to commit. Will this brief revelation change the course of his life?
Stephanie Campion
Douglas English
Tanya Gallagher
Rachel Rouquet
24.03.13"Tenebrae"Roderick Ford An unseen malignancy has come into the world. Sam and Peter, both seriously off the hook, aided by a pair of unlikely sidekicks, go to a nearby church to try to snuff it out. But in the outskirts of the city, the night has already come down on Jimmy and Mary’s house.
A tale of terror in the absurdist tradition.
Dario Costa
James Joint
Damian Corcoran
Stephanie Campion
10.03.13"The Timely Death of Rudolph Bloc"
Thomas Gatus A 16th century Old World vampire, trapped 400 years in glacial ice, awakens in the modern New World where kith and kin have implemented a semi-legal way to feed their needs. Rudolph, however, haunted by a lost past and frightened by technology, must confront a basic existential problem. Frédéric Le Guern
Freya Møller Sørensen
David Hovis
Michael Maricondi
Armen Georgian
Morgan Lamorté
Stephanie Campion
24.02.13"The Man and the Other: A Duet in Atonal Counterpoint" Michael Maricondi Every parent wants to protect their children. Joe Johnson is no different. Arriving early at a PTA meeting, he meets a fellow parent who puts his protective instincts -- and his faith -- into question. What happens when everything we believe to be true turns against us, and how do we save ourselves? David Coburn

Damian Corcoran
27.01.13"A Vision of Angels"
Timothy Jay Smith A bomb plot for Easter Sunday in Jerusalem sets off a chain of events that weave together the lives of an American journalist, Israeli war hero, Palestinian farmer, and Christian grocer. Zack Buell, Paul Cavin, Damian Corcoran, Bill Dunn, Richard Hadley, Michael Maricondi, Danny Rukavina, Yasemin Bozdogan, Stephanie Campion
Isha Corcoran
Rachel Rouquet
13.01.13"Miles Away"
Danny Rukavina One evening, two discoveries and a marriage that threatens to fall apart. At a restaurant in Paris with friends, Christina lets slip that she had an abortion without having told Miles. Later he learns that Vince, an old school friend, has been arrested for paedophilia. Miles is forced to revisit a secret of his own... Dario Costa
Anna Cottis
Eva Cendors
Helena Dubiel, Gerald Morales, Michel Biel, Senie Jaz, Joseph Marshall
Stephanie Campion

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