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In 2014, 19 plays were read by 132 actors before audiences totalling 316 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
30.11.14"Slowly But Surely"
Ralph Bismargi Will Botch is a few french fries short of a happy meal. His dream to be an actor like his dad isn't working out. Even his mom throws him out of the house. Then his teacher says "Why go to auditions if you can act every single day of your life?"... Jeremy Coffman, Andres Peyrot, Olivier Raynal, David Coburn, Tiffany Hofstetter, Darcy Ruscio, Nicolas Delenne, Peter Vickers, Kay Bourgine, Louise Denyer, Alicia Martineau, Frances Vieras Blanc 
16.11.14"Tommy Greaves"Tony Stowers A working class school-leaver tries to escape the confines of his environment during the Miners' Strike by seeking an escape as an actor. "Tommy Greaves" is an alternative retelling of a strike that was less a battle between strikers and the government and more about an insular working class liberating itself through art. Mollie Keane
Maja Bieler, Johnny Palmer
Damian Corcoran, Mona Morgen, Roger Surridge, Peter Vickers
12.10.14"Diary of a Nobody"Gary Holmes George Grossmith’s classic comic novel of Victorian London is given new life in this adaptation / reimagining. City clerk Charles Pooter has a new home, a loving wife, a worrisome son, odd friends, a desire to move up the social ladder - and an urge to tell all about it! Damian Corcoran
Carey Downer, Kester Lovelace, Kevin Harrigan, William Ducasse, Johnny Palmer, Roger Surridge, Stephanie Campion, Pattie Martins
28.09.14Three of Each

3 in English
3 in French
two authors
Deirdre Ruth Ryan
Debra Wiess
The Sky is Blue Again
Un Seul
In a Bedroom After a Party
En Attendant
Build Me a Rainbow
L'Art de la Rencontre
Jolaine Beal
Stephanie Campion
Marc Duret
Clara Kundin
Morgan Lamorté
Jon Allen Russo
14.09.14"To Win a Crown of Thorns"Chris Savery Revolutions turn the World upside down but there are always two sides to every story. Come and be part of the English Civil War as seen by those involved in this historic upheaval and decide which side you'd have supported! Kevin Kelway, Colin Reese, Serge Bolze, Nick Ducasse, Damian Corcoran, Dario Costa, Mikey Gaetano, Armen Georgian, Richard Hadley, Eitan Levine, Angie Kristic, Jennifer Karen, Mollie Keane,  
29.06.14"Blue Period" Charles Borkhuis Nineteen-year-old Picasso's first trip to Paris with his painter friend Casagemas in 1900 finds them both mesmerized and overwhelmed. Montmartre is dazzling and captivating, but they are poor and unknown and take up with a French model who leads them into a series of tragic events that shape Picasso's Blue Period... Michael Maricondi
Darcy Ruscio
Elena Odessa
James Joint
June 2021 performance scheduled at the Onstage Playhouse in San Diego, USA
Eight playlets
Julie Wornan Premonition (noun) : a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant...
Jolaine Beal, Stephanie Campion,
Jeremy Coffman, Damian Corcoran,
Isha Corcoran, Sanja Jankovic,
Morgan Lamorté, James Mitchell
25.05.14"A Monologue for Three Actresses" Dolly West A generational memoir of mothers and daughters, from a long time ago, and from right now. How do women cope? What happens to a woman when she comes to the end of the line? Vera, Dottie, and Lee, a grandmother, a mother, and a daughter, share their very different lives... Stephanie Campion
Helena Dubiel
Peggy Smithhart
27.04.14"Entre Deux Mondes"
David Coburn
Nathan Rippy
A white Jewish American and a black French Muslim cultivate a lasting friendship based on their shared love of music and their mutual hatred for French administration. David Gasman, Mansour Ndoye, Chauncey Alan, Boubeker Chettav, Barry Johnson, Angela Ngounou, Odile Van Houtte, Emmanuelle Zagoria  
13.04.14Two One-Act Plays for RadioAnne Walsh ON ANGELS' WHEELS: I wonder what we’d all be doing now if that hadn’t happened all those years ago...
BENCHMARKS - a fairy-tale:
Samuel is seventy and the year for him is 2014.
Samantha is ten and the year for her is 1984...
Stephanie Campion
Damian Corcoran
David Gasman
Beth Jervis
BENCHMARKS was runner up in the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival's One-Act Contest 2016 
30.03.14"Alien Hangover"
Corneliu MitracheWhen a race of reptilians, descendants from the dinosaurs, threatens to wipe out humanity, three misfits from outer space come to the rescue... Paul Cavin, Jeremy Coffman, Ronald Crooks, Bill Dunn, Douglas English, Morgan Lamorté,Michael Maricondi, Colum Morgan, Stephanie Campion, Tanya Marie, Philippine de Saint-Exupéry  
09.03.14Two One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes BACK OF BEYOND: Indeed you do have everything most women dream of. You’re the queen of your domain. Rich, lovely, and married to a famous man. Your life is like a fairy tale...
IN LESS THAN NO TIME: I never heard you called Fay. It must be a name you used as a kid when playing a game. Okay with me if you want to change it, but don’t get confused on our wedding day.
Sonia Backers
Clara Kundin
Carline Lemire
Jeremy Coffman
Damian Corcoran
Jean-Christophe Lucchesi
23.02.14Eight comedy sketches Lance Tait These sketches range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Their style is indebted to the Diablogues of the late, great master of French comedy sketch writing – the Parisian Roland Dubillard – poet, playwright, actor from the era of the "Theatre of the Absurd". Stephanie Campion,
Bill Dunn,
Armen Georgian,
Beth Jervis,
Nick Sartori
09.02.14The Number 53


Present Perfect
Marek Bogacki "Not knowing, that bothers me. It's like the ghosts never leave", admits one of the characters in "Present Perfect". Indeed, this is a common thread to both dramatic works. In none too remarkable a way, extending over our everyday is the presence of the past, where time stands still, where we are free to re-live our histories and to make our present perfect. Beth Jervis,
Jennifer Karen,
Gautier Cazenave,
Richard Hadley,
Stephanie Campion
26.01.14"No Good at Love"
Andrew Auerbach Adapted for the screen from Mental, the Musical by Fiona Hogan and Courtney Kramer, this filmscript portrays a dysfunctional family gathering for a weekend of supervised soul searching at a private mental health facility, where their manic depressive daughter is incarcerated. Having engaged a psychiatrist to treat one daughter's problems, they wind up discovering the truth about themselves... Jeremy Coffman, Dario Costa,
Bill Dunn, David Gasman,
Stacey Legendre, Elena Odessa,
Mimi Roussin, Stephanie Campion,
London-Ashlee Morrison
12.01.14"Satisfying Alice"Gary and Beth Hoover In this witty sex comedy, three disfunctional thirtysomethings come to find they’re all being treated by the same sex surrogate. Orgasm-challenged Alice, clueless live-in boyfriend James, and the bi-curious Geoff spend a long weekend hopping in and out of bed with the enigmatic Carole, whose unorthodox therapy brings their "pas de trois" to a satisfying close. Zack Buell
Michael Maricondi
Clara Kundin
Philippine de Saint-Exupéry

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