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In 2019, 7 plays were read by 57 actors before audiences totalling 132 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
01.12.19Little Parts
five short radio plays
Director : Keith Crawford The five finalists of the 2019 Little Wonder competition :
The Fall (Zoe Grange)
Buddha Hat (Clare Shaw)
Flamingo (Thoko Masikini)
Pride of Rotterdam (Tom Harvey)
Like Taking Candy from a Baby (Michael Lin)
Stephanie Campion
Hannah Coyle
Taylor Scott
Alexandra Tomko
Johnny Palmer
John Romano
Spring 2020 : all five plays are being broadcast by Little Wonder
06.10.19"This Night's Due Magic"Lance Tait A large regional theatre in the U.S. decides, as a cost-cutting measure, to forgo its usual practice of presenting a Shakespeare play, and instead presents a contemporary one-man show about the pop singer/rapist Michael Jackson. This is cause for concern for the play's idealistic intern and other workers... Sonia Backers, Stephanie Campion, Hannah Coyle, Damian Corcoran
Bill Dunn, Kevin Dwyer, Douglas English
John Romano
16.06.19"Adding Water to the Sea"Karin Fazio Littlefield What if you had to be in the same room with the person who killed your baby? And what if that person was your own sister? Margo has returned to her childhood home to confront her family's strange past and even stranger present. And she's about to have another baby... Laura Adam,
Madeleine Barchevska, Stacey Legendre,
Sheila Coren-Tissot
02.06.19"Nothing Rhymes With Love"
Gwyneth Hughes When Betty leaves her husband, she strikes a note of discord in the lives of five other people. Will their respective marriages stay out of tune or will they get back on key and succeed in creating a new harmony among themselves? Jolaine Beal, Daniel Harper, Tuvana Hizarci, Emile Lacheny, Nikoleta Migdalias, Jon Allen Russo  
3 short plays
Christopher Lord THE HUMAN ELEMENT, in which the working class are exterminated
THE WEIRD SISTERS TAKE IT EASY, in which the witches from the Scottish Play discover porky scratchings, and
AMONG THE NEANDERTHALS, in which homo sapiens manages to stop being a food animal.
Stephanie Campion
Damian Corcoran
Carey Downer
Mollie Keane
Kester Lovelace
24.02.19"Truthless"Meagan Adele Lopez "I've always wanted to live in Paris and oversee an international global organization that is changing the world and how we break news and tell stories. I mean, a company that is at the forefront of the right side of history. Finding the truth. We've been missing it for so long..." Lucy Anderson, Jolaine Beal, Margaux Billard, Nikoleta Migdalias, Taylor Scott, Krishna Bagadiya, Marc Duret  
10.02.19"Dick Pics"Keith Crawford Karen, Lisa, Mary and Sandra studied medicine together and were close friends until a joint business venture went bad in the mid-1990s, poisoning many people. It is now 2015. With retirement closing in, Mary has one last plan. Can they put their past behind them and start again? Lucille O'Flanagan,
Diane Bertrand,
Julie Kalya,
Stephanie Campion

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