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In 2015, 21 plays were read by 114 actors before audiences totalling 361 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
20.12.15"The Gap Year"Hilary Kaiser Perplexed by expectations related to their lives in France, an American woman and her musical Franco-American son set off in different directions on year-long journeys to different places in the world. Along the way, they keep in touch, ultimately learning more about themselves and each other. Kim Tilbury
Morgan Lamorté
Kester Lovelace
Ruby Lo
Giovanni Piepoli
06.12.15"El Fin del Mundo"K.J.Dwyer Set in Patagonia (the last place to which humans migrated) and fundamentally examining our overall relation to Time, El Fin del Mundo, through the lens of a family drama, wrestles with immigration, colonialization and Climate Change, while confronting the elemental choices we face for the very survival of our species. David Coburn
Laura d'Arista
Lorenzo Lefebvre
Selected for the Cimientos 2018 play development program at the IATI Theater, New York City
22.11.15"Grey Matters"Roger Goldsmith Grace and Paula were best friends at school.
"I was always jealous of you, Paula. You were top at everything." Will Grace stand by Paula when a family tragedy brings them together, thirty years later? And do accusations made against Paula shed a different light on the school friendship they had?
Anna Cottis
Jennifer Karen
Adam Downs
Jeffry Kaplow
Jane Rony
Armen Georgian
Rewrite "Grace" produced in Portsmouth, UK in Oct.2016
08.11.15"The Secret House"Andrew Auerbach No matter what David does, he can't seem to satisfy a wife that insists on domestic equality and a boss whose expectations are 24/7. Then he is contacted by Holly, the girl who first stole his heart when he was 10 years old... He must choose between the idyll of his past and the responsibilities of today. Nathan Rippy
Alicia Martineau
Stacey Legendre
Adam Cushman
Elena Luoto
25.10.15"Ain't Necessarily So"
(2nd. reading)
Ken Mackenzie Simon is in trouble. He's running out of hypocrites to expose in his regular Sunday newspaper column, and his editor can't see the funny side. Then he meets Sheila - a nun on the run (as it were) - who agrees to try her hand at investigative journalism. But when they tackle a seemingly less than squeaky - clean politician, things get a bit out of hand...William S.Burrows
Anastasia Wells
Roger Surridge
Damian Corcoran
Lauren Barland
11.10.15"Peacocks and Hens"Chris Savery A story set in post war Paris about two young lovers, Johnny and Theresa. They are artistic bohemians who play on the edge but are they too close to it and will they fall off? Enjoy a journey into the fringes of great art and the underbelly of Paris. Darcy Ruscio, Carline Lemire, Marc Duret, Angie Kristic, Camille Krieg, Gerald Moralès, Colum Morgan, Fabrice Morvan, Jérôme Wiggins  
13.09.15"Diary of a Nobody"
TV version
Gary Holmes George Grossmith’s classic comic novel of Victorian London is back for a second reading in a new format. City clerk Charles Pooter has a new home, a loving wife, a worrisome son, odd friends, a desire to move up the social ladder - and an urge to tell all about it! Damian Corcoran
Carey Downer, Kester Lovelace, Kevin Harrigan, William S.Burrows, Johnny Palmer, Roger Surridge,
Stephanie Campion
Mollie Keane
23.08.15"Knock Three Times"Christopher Lord A short play about the morality of warfare, in which a freedom fighter on the run from the forces of repression takes refuge in the home of an old university friend, who has become a peace campaigner and is horrified by the civil war that is under way. Damian Corcoran
Sanja Jankovic
Douglas English
Second reading on 17.04.2016
12.07.15"Locked In"Dr.Ronald Hill They’re lawyers and they’ve got it all! These law school pals graduate and get everything they’ve ever dreamed of: great jobs, girlfriends, apartments, cars, clothes, and lots of money. They’ve got it all. Or do they? As the years go by they begin to question the value of their lives. David Coburn
David Gasman
Carline Lemire
Alicia Martineau
Shelly de Vito, Elena Odessa,
Kayla McAndrew
Jaime Patriarca
Bill Dunn
Second reading on 21.01.2016
28.06.15"Brothers in Arms "Albert Alla Sydney, a first-grade cricket match. The home team needs a win. With a state selector watching, will Rob get his chance to save the day, or is it already time to pass the torch to his sixteen year-old brother?William S. Burrows
Dario Costa
Joshua Richards
Ethan Northey
Kate Reeve-Edwards,
Olivier Raynal
  II" (eight more playlets)
Julie WornanDinner; Anniversary Celebration;
The Traveller; The Not-really App.;
The Rebels; A Job is a Job;
Listen Children; The Lord is my Shepherd
Stephanie Campion, Carey Downer, Richard Hadley, Carline Lemire, Johnny Palmer, Sanja Jankovic, Jaime Patriarca, Nathan Saignes 
19.04.15"The Nightgown"Christopher Lord David Hatchitt, owner of the Cork Street gallery, thinks his wife Ursula (a famous poet) has gone away for the weekend, so he decides to try his luck with Katherine, the new girl working at the gallery. As a first move, he decides to buy her a luxurious French nightgown... Damian Corcoran
Dario Costa
Diane Bertrand
Stephanie Campion
Anastasia Wells
"Jane Smith"
"Dance For Me"
Deirdre Ruth Ryan

Dr.Ronald Hill
"Whatever your heart desires..."
"I suppose everyone has an obsession, a particular dream."
with: The absurdities of relationships : two men meet in a café to discuss a woman. One is her husband, the other her lover.
Paul Cavin
Douglas English
Stacey Legendre
Jaime Patriarca
"Fred n Joe "
Michael Maricondi/

Michael Elias
Fred is newly homeless...

In Anna Candler's studio, five yoga enthusiasts wonder if they can change their lives by becoming instructors...
Ralph Bismargi, Kartik Singh

Christine Flowers, Kirsten Daniels, Elena Odessa Ray, Inès Guilbert, Michael Maricondi
08.03.15"Bari (Home)"
Kartik Singh Recently divorced New Yorker Sanjay takes a trip to his childhood home in Calcutta. Along the way, confronting his estranged family, he learns what it will take to mend his own broken home. Mahipal Singh, Aash Ashu, Shahana Goswami,
Leticia Gutierrez, Partha Majumder,
Natalie McCafferty
22.02.15"First Came the Frost that Ruined the Crops"Peter Vickers An absurdist comedy, set in present day UK, about how to find a love which will never let you go; why you are wrong and dad is right; and how to have everything with just a sprinkle of dreams. Fayce Hafnaoui
Armen Georgian Louise Denyer, Jonathan H. Duff, Holly Clegg, Rachel Mitchell, Chloe Menzies
08.02.15Two One-Act Plays for RadioAnne Walsh PAST TIMES: What happens when one man without a future and looking back on his life, meets another who is trying to look forward?
IT'S A LONG WAY TO TIPPERARY: A family tries to deal with the disappearance of the father in mysterious circumstances and the play explores the psychological damage that parents and siblings can inflict upon each other.
Pattie Martins
Jane Rony
James Gerard
Roger Surridge
Stephanie Campion
25.01.15"The Garden""Vagatur" (Bob Stoner) What this play is about - and what the myth is about - firstly, The Three Monkeys: blocking out uncomfortable thoughts to stay warm, stupid and happy. Middle America. "Make no waves". And secondly, what can happen if you don't. You can get into a lot of trouble. The Serpent knows this, but he doesn't really care... Tanya Marie
Colum Morgan
Michael Maricondi
Robert Bradford
11.01.15"Two Gendarmes"Tony Stowers In a rural French village, a veteran gendarme takes a younger gendarme under his wing to guide him in how to get the best out of his job. But then a lifesize crucifix is chopped down and, as the hunt for the culprit unfolds, the younger gendarme is drawn deeper into temptation and corruption. Will he take the bait? Marc Duret
Cedric Vallet

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