by Lance Tait

Filmed at the New York Fringe Festival

Extract from the final scene : 1 minute


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David Lipfert - Curtainup
There is another interesting drama at this year's Fringe, Lance Tait's Synesthesia in its world premiere. Detective Yevchenko (Damian Corcoran) interviews musicology professor Perova (Stephanie Campion) to solve a recent double murder there at the Kiev Conservatory... The musical references are not the usual superficial variety, and the psychological dimension is believably explored. Masterful acting by Corcoran and Campion plus Tait's superb direction make a winning combination. [At Bottle Factory Theater, 1 hour, 30 minutes.]

Julie Blumenthal
While bolstered by a pair of strong performances and some fascinating ideas, Synesthesia, despite its title, fails to come together... Tait, who also directed, has woven a potentially complex tale of passion, theory and art; but both his text and his direction suffer from a lack of clarity. Despite committed performances from Stephanie Campion as the academic and Damian Corcoran as the investigator, Tait fails to tie together the numerous rich concepts and insights he introduces... Tait clearly has a strong sense of suspense, a penchant for exciting ideas and a high regard for the extraordinary powers of music. With some tightening and clarification, Synesthesia would be an excellent forum for all three.