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In 2011, 23 plays were read by 154 actors before audiences totalling 497 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
18.12.11"Broken Roots"
Jovan Jevtic When John discovers he was adopted, he goes on a hunt for his long-lost family. A journey which turns into a nightmare. Thomas Victorio, Caroline de Bon, Bill Dunn,
David Hovis, Johnny Palmer, Adrien Utchanah, Stephanie Campion
04.12.11A Living-Room Arena Gwyneth Hughes When Betty leaves home, three couples are thrown into confusion. But new couples form. A new order of well-being is set up. What if Betty comes home?... Emma Dallow, Carey Downer, Bill Dunn,
Douglas English, Beth Jervis, Brian Kennedy
20.11.11"Francine's Derringer"
Lance Tait Francine is in her early thirties and her life is leading nowhere. She visits a tarot card reader who tells her to marry a man within three weeks, or she will most certainly go nowhere - forever. Francine meets the bookish Wesley - whom her loser boyfriend tries to kill. Francine is reborn! Lexie Kendrick, Elena Luoto, Chris Mack,
Jeremy Coffman, Stephanie Campion,
Danny Rukavina, Sylvia Kochinski
06.11.11Ain't Necessarily So Ken Mackenzie Simon is in trouble. He's running out of hypocrites to expose in his regular Sunday newspaper column, and his editor can't see the funny side. Then he meets Sheila - a nun on the run (as it were) - who agrees to try her hand at investigative journalism. But when they tackle a seemingly less than squeaky-clean politician, things get a bit out of hand...Robbie Nock, Aoife Stone,
Damian Corcoran, Kevin Harrigan,
Beth Jervis
09.10.11The M.I.T.Information Room Roy Lisker A swash-buckling, no-holds-barred satire on every category of humanity at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Professors, Students, Administrators, Secretaries, Scientists, Cybergeeks, Cybernauts and Cybernerds, Micro- and Macro-Engineers, and on the Myth of Progress!! Harlan Chambers, Jeremy Coffman, Jerry diGiacomo, Charlotte Donnelly, Douglas English, David Hovis, Lexie Kendrick, André LaGeorge, Joseph Marshall, Gerald Morales  
11.09.11Apple Pie Gwyneth Hughes In a cosy kitchen setting, a woman prepares her husband's favourite apple pie. As she works, she speaks to him through the open door about an embarrassing little personal problem. Then she shuts the kitchen door before continuing her apple pie and her confession about some more embarrassing little accidents... Anna Cottis2nd reading on 22/01/2017
03.07.11"The Namesake"
Lance Tait Southwest Germany: American military installations are nestled amongst trees and towns. Ursula Braun discovers a creepy love triangle that involves a Cockney loser, an American military mortuary nurse and Ursula's goddaughter/namesake who has been turned into a zombie. Stephanie Campion
James Gerard
Elena Luoto, Anna Verma,
Pauline Doidge, Richard Hadley
26.06.11"Grandfather Buffalo"Marten Ingle When drunken Sonny is run over by a beer truck, Grandfather Buffalo - Medicine Man/Freelance Angel - intervenes to give him a second chance. But such magical intervention is highly risky - there could be consequences of cosmic proportions... Bill Dunn, André LaGeorge,
Jane Rony, Darcy Ruscio,
Paddy Sherlock,
Louise Denyer,
David Hovis
12.06.11"Odin of the Wild Hunt"
"Vagatur" (Bob Stoner) Yeah, you know. Odin. Norse mythology. Surveillance via ravens and octopedal equine transport. Just a few tips here to help you follow the plot : Ygdrassil is a cosmic tree with gods in the branches (Asgard) - earth on the trunk (Middle Earth) - and the Norns in the roots. Ragnarok is the final battle where the gods perish. Odin's missus, Freya, drove a chariot pulled by cats, cos she came from Egypt... OK so far? The play opens on the Norn Sisters Fate spinning away - the threads of fate. They could be at spinning wheels - but not this week cos, if threads 'of fate' did actually run from wheels to the bar next door - the author feels that the dream-like quality of Norse mythology would be somewhat dampened... Derrick Korn
Sonia Backers
Stephanie Campion
Sanja Jankovic
22 and 29.05.11"The Surgeon"
Michael diAntonio An historical epic fiction based on the heroic life of Dominique Larrey, chief surgeon for Napoleon's grand army. On his last voyage, Larrey reconciles his iconic life with the troubled family life he leaves behind.
(Presented over two Sundays in succession.)
David Coburn, Christine Hooper, Daphne Millefoa, Cedric Vallet, Stephanie Campion, Antoine Coloma, Antoine Deroudilhe, Lucienne Deschamps, Patrick Dross, Bill Dunn, Marc Duret, Max Hayter  
01.05.11"Le Petoman" Tony Stowers A two-act comedy based loosely on the life of Joseph Pujol (1857-1945) who was born near Marseille. He performed under his stage name “Le Petomane” at the turn of the 20th century in Paris and Europe. His successful act was based on the natural bodily function of passing wind or farting, as it’s more commonly known. The play traces how Pujol and his wife made the transition from this insane idea to its realisation...Maja Beiler
Dario Costa
Kester Lovelace
Being translated into French
03.04.11"A Floor Between Us"Debra Wiess
(adapted from a play in French by Luc Simonnet)
Love can blossom between the most unlikely of people sometimes, but can it bloom between a 60-year old former actress of the London stage and a 45-year old American expatriate accountant from upstairs? Almost anything seems possible until her daughter returns from an extended business trip... Sarah Bartlett,
Paul Cavin, Claire Olivier,
27.03.11 "Everything as it Seems"

double bill with

Chris Newens
Mona Washington
There's a corpse on the floor which nobody seems to notice... Or is there?

September 2008. Two days into vacation week. Buppie splendor in Martha’s Vineyard. Andrew, Lena and Baldwin Hayes visit their friends at their summer home in Oak Bluffs. In the laundry room, detergent and Woolite sit on the top of the dryer. As Lena enters, Drew quickly stuffs something into his pocket...
Georgina Emerson,
Benjamin Perriello,
David Cohen,
Maxime Daher

Shola Adisa-Farrar
Walter Dickerson
20.03.11"The Case of the Lophius"

double bill with

"The Cellar"
Gaelle Arenson

Caroline de Kergariou (translated by Gail Noyer)
There was a marine smell when Andrea walked into the bathroom that day and realised that her husband, a former US Federal Reserve chairman, had gone missing. What did she find instead?

It's pitch black when 13-year old Chloe comes to... Why has she been locked up in a cellar? Valentine, her hard-nosed fellow inmate, will give her the means to survive the unthinkable...
Madeleine Barchevska
Bill Dunn, Paul Cavin
David Hovis, Jerry di Giacomo, James Mitchell

Bianca Nolan
Leah Jane Morgan
06.03.11Three One-Act Plays Gwyneth Hughes THEATRICS: Karen arrives unexpectedly in a hotel room where Paul is waiting for another woman. She has a gun...
ALTERATIONS: “My bride is a post-operative transsexual”
RETRIEVAL: Polly has amnesia. Ester helps her regain her memory. A small box, hidden in Polly's house, is of life-or-death importance.
Laura d'Arista
Benjamin Perriello
Elena Odessa
Kim Tilbury
20.02.11"Irresistible"Isabel Eastman First day at work for Teresa: cashier in a Parisian high fashion boutique. Although a newcomer, she's friends with everyone's arch-enemy, she spends her time sketching when people's backs are turned, and seems to have some relationship with the CEO's daughter's fiancé - who is she? What is this fish out of water searching for? Zoé Besmond de Senneville, Madeleine Barchevska, Stephanie Campion
Jeremy Coffman, Laura d'Arista, Douglas English, David Hovis, Elena Luoto, James Mitchell, Gabrielle Mondesire, Leah Jane Morgan
06.02.11"Sherlock Holmes v. Frankenstein"
Gautier Cazenave “L’homme n’est rien, l’oeuvre tout”, - as Gustave Flaubert wrote to George Sand...
said Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson
(The Red-Headed League)
Oscar  “des comédiens talentueux avec un Holmes digne de Peter Cushing” - critique du Chevalier Dupin
Dario Costa, Damian Corcoran, Ralph Bismargi, Chloe Dunn, Luc Guiol, Richard Hadley, Gerald Morales, Darcy Ruscio, Yann Soitiño, Stephanie Campion 
09.01.11"Car Door Shave"
Lance Tait 1984 : President Reagan's standard bearers wage battle against the “homeless” who have long lived in the Hobo Jungle of Ventura, California. The people of the jungle, though endangered and disgusted by the Reagan Revolution, have an immediate task in front of them: it needs to be arranged that one of their residents can finally lose her virginity. An 18-year old college girl wanders into the jungle hoping to find her birth mother. A plan is hatched to use her as bait... Robert Bradford, Heike Brunner, Harlan Chambers, Bill Dunn, Tiffany Hofstetter, Lexie Kendrick, Clara McBride, Jade Nguyen,
Mike Powers, Jerry Prillaman, Kim Tilbury

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