Some statistics, for those who like that kind of thing :

In 2010, 23 plays were read by 133 actors before audiences totalling 506 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
19.12.10Bones of Contention Gwyneth Hughes Dorothy is a ghost on the loose. She has haunted Audrey for decades in her desperate search for a cozy grave in a congenial cemetery. Will Beryl in turn be burdened by the ordeal of helping Dorothy find a happy resting place? Gaëlle Arenson,
Christina Batman
Sanja Jankovic, Sean Nolan, Claire Olivier,
Alan Rossett
2nd reading on 04/03/2012
05.12.10 balloon

A Scent of a Hot-Air Balloon
Alberto Lombardo Outside, a storm is raging. Madame returns from her travels one day early, without warning. Alphonse, her butler, wasn't expecting her. The usual interchange between a mistress and her servant rapidly turns into a merciless duel. Beneath the cruelty and provocation, in which each puts the other in their place, lurks the desire and the fear of being loved.Stephanie Campion
Max Hayter
Original French version showcased by Moving Parts at the Théâtre du Nord-Ouest on 05.08.2011
21.11.10Surviving the WoundedTom O'Brien What happens to people's lives when the bird has flown... Bibi Jacob, Martin Lewis
Damian McCann
Murray Simpson,
Stephanie Campion
24.10.10Space Station Tony Stowers On a dark and lonely hill outside of town, two strangers meet for very different reasons: one has gone to set up a telescope to try and spot re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere of a decommissioned Russian space station, and the other has gone to distract the former for as long as possible...Dario Costa
Damian McCann
Simon Peart
Performances: Florian's Theatre, Inverness, Scotland on 21,22,23 September 2011
10.10.10Lament Roy Lisker Full title : Lament for Rachel Corrie
The destruction of youthful idealism in the eternal tragedy of war. This play does not take sides in the war between Israel and the Palestinians. It offers no solutions to resolve the on-going conflict, but rather bears witness to 5,000 years of senseless slaughter in the cradle of civilization, Mesopotamia and the Near East.
Jeremy Coffman
Susan Dorlen,  Bill Dunn,  David Hovis, Sanja Jankovic
Clara McBride
Mike PowersOscar RelierAmine Sabir
12.09.10AbrahamKen Mackenzie A young man obsessed with the biblical Abraham-Isaac story is worried about his father : is he going to betray him? His father is worried about his affair with a younger woman and about his attempts to expose government corruption. And he has had a stroke. A serious comedy by Ken Mackenzie; South African-born writer now living in Paris. Paul Barrett
James Creedon
Gérald Moralès
Vanessa Seydoux
Stephanie Campion
Karina Rinaldi
Second reading : 3rd December 2017
04.07.10Sammy Gets MuggedDan Heching As much as he tried to avoid it, Sammy got mugged one Sunday afternoon, and it was pretty scary. But for whom? Him, or his mysterious mugger, whose resolve is less than perfect? A chronicling of an antagonistic exchange between two strangers, all the possibilities that follow, and how we choose to remember the more unsavory moments in our lives. Loosely based on a real mugging, in Paris in the spring of 2005. Harlan Chambers
Derrick Korn
Manda Djinn
Premiered at the 2011 NY Fringe
06.06.10Two Short Films Jerry Lincoln Prillaman Meditations : A poetic performance piece for four voices : two on, two off.

Incident at Papagayo's : Dramatisation in the form of a short filmscript of a true incident in Madagascar, 1967.
Murray Simpson
James Mitchell
Eduardo Cué
Stephanie Campion
Harlan Chambers
Brian Kennedy Maurizio Arena
23.05.10"Vide Grenier"
Patricia Kogan2 families... 2 careers... 2 cultures... 2 lifestyles and 2 x 50-plus years of habits come into play when 2 well-into-middle-aged people fall in love.
A bi-cultural romantic comedy about growing up, letting go, and embracing life, no matter what your age.
Christa Fénal, Joe Wilkins, Julia Harrigan, Jérôme Maroni, Ghyslain Martin, Tessa Remise, Marc Duret, Sophie Pincemaille, Marie-Emilie Michel, Oscar Relier, Stephanie Campion, Gregory Good  
09.05.10"Swansongs" Gwyneth Hughes A man's ashes in an urn... His two widows, motivated by greed, pride and resentment... Both women familiar with the theatre world of secrets and deceit... Together in a house on the top of a cliff, surrounded by fog...... Stephanie Campion
Susan Laplane
25.04.10Three One-Act Plays Yair Packer Jumping Jasper : Will he or won't he? Well apparently Jaspers don't. According to Susan. Especially now that they've discovered they've got something in common...
Dress for the Wedding : On their way to a wedding, Sabrina and Albert are forced to spend a night in a hotel while their plane is repaired. But when they open their suitcase, the dress isn't there...
Norma's Scent : Norma is gone, but not forgotten. As Alan learns to cope without her, in spite of interference from the neighbour, he discovers things about her that he never knew...
Lauren Alexandre-Lasseur

Stephanie Campion

Larry Garner

Mark Hanly
Jumping Jasper will be filmed in October in Sweden (in Swedish), and all three plays will be performed in a commercial theatre in Munich in 2011
11.04.10"Little Eden"
Timothy Jay Smith On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, a celebrated newscaster, whose continuing grief for a son lost in the attack has torn his family apart, takes them on an idyllic vacation where a second dire attack forces them to pull together to survive. Joe Wilkins, Sharon Mann, Nicholas Bjorklund, Bill Dunn, Paul Cavin, Elena Luoto, Oscar Relier, Bart Soroczynski
Mimi Roussin, Stephanie Campion, Danny Rukavina
21.03.10"Momma's Office Boy"
Alexis Niki Everybody loves warm and wonderful Sylvia — except her son, Jimmy. Drained by her emotional needs, he leaves home to seek refuge in a quiet town, a steady job, and a cheerful fiancée. But his budding happiness is disrupted when Sylvia shows up - in crisis again. Before he knows it, she’s wheedled her way into becoming his boss! Hell bent on getting his life back, he sets out to sabotage Sylvia... Jeremy Coffman
Stephanie Campion
David Gasman
Lexie Kendrick
Jerry di Giacomo
James Mitchell
Martin Chipperfield
Meg McNaughton
07.03.10"See How They Run" Gwyneth Hughes Actors on stage can begin their story all over again. They can eliminate remarks they wish they'd never said. They can add remarks that might change their destinies. But in real life there's only one performance. You can't go back and make it better. In real life we're trapped... Anna Cottis, Kim Tilbury, Elena Luoto, Stephanie Campion, Danny Rukavina  
21.02.10"Short Scenes" Colin Reese funny
A most unusual - and effective - way of teaching English...
18 comic sketches
Stephanie Campion, Damian Corcoran, James Creedon, Bill Dunn, James Gerard Max Hayter, Claire Olivier, Kim Tilbury 
Nina Karacosta Off Book,  No Strings Attached,  Kuan Yu,
Catch Pegasus by the Heel While Riding a Tiger :

"Relation-ships" are transits to other creatures : sometimes ex-lovers, sometimes soul-searching mates. It consists of a one act poetry-play and three sketches that were written in New York, sometimes depicting the New York hustling landscape and/or the searching for inner balance.
Kim Tilbury
Eduardo Cué
Thomas Victorio

"Come Out, George"
"Find Your Inner French Bastard™"
Shena Wilson
Emilie Rosenvallon
What are the disadvantages of not breastfeeding?
Our panel of experts (average age 9.4 months) gives its considered opinion.
Everyone has got a French bastard in them somewhere. In this one woman show, a French-American girl tells you how to awaken this inner beast.
Lexie Kendrick, Valentine L'Homme, Emilie Rosenvallon, Damian Corcoran, Stephanie Campion  

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