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In 2009, 23 plays were read by 150 actors before audiences totalling 507 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
20.12.09"Playboys of the Middle East"
Corneliu Mitrache Dodging an oversexed grandma and a gun-toting hillbilly, two happy-go-lucky Iraqis rescue the sinking refugee program while courting their sponsor’s misguided daughter and her easy-going friend. Jeremy Coffman, Elena Odessa, Pelham Spong, Thomas Victorio, Kim Tilbury, Stephanie Campion, Bill Dunn, Martin Chipperfield 
13.12.09"Derrida's Couch"Justin Taylor One and a half hours of philosophical kung fu between a French intellectual and an American journalist. What’s the debate? The French-ness of the French, American-ness of Americans, couch-ness of couches and what it means to be true to yourself when thought is religion. Complete with healings from a plumber and visitations from Jacques Derrida and his musical assistant, the Derrida Accordionist. Lemmy Constantine
Betsy Parayil
Xavier Bonastre
Joe Wilkins
06.12.09"What Maisie Knew"
Sarah Canner Set along the Malibu coast, this film, a contemporary adaptation of the Henry James novel, is a dark comedy about a 10 year old girl, learning to cope with her extremely dysfunctional family, who finds her bearings when she falls head over heels for her charming young step-father...! Isha Corcoran, Sheila Coren-Tissot, Eirin Forsberg, Karin Ingrid Nordlund, Mike Powers, Darcy Ruscio, Emily Bradford, Jesse Moussy, Stephanie Campion, Damian Corcoran 
22.11.09"GAIA"Georgia Smith On the eve of her father's funeral, Gaia is surprised by her estranged mother's arrival. Gaia's mother is mystified, in turn, that her daughter seems less upset about her father's death than about the future of his mall-building construction company. Gaia's half-brother Steve wants to fund his film-industry ambitions through this profitable company. Gaia, an ardent environmentalist, wants to destroy it. They've inherited it jointly... Eli Barrett
Sarah Bartlett,
Clara McBride
Kartik Singh 24 hours in the life of a brilliant but as yet unknown 40 year old actress vying for a leading role in a major Hollywood film that is shooting in Paris. Things seem very hopeful indeed when Grace receives a message requesting a callback.  Only one problem.  The meeting is to take place at the casting director’s hotel room at midnight.  What is Grace prepared to do to get the part that could change her life? Maud Buquet
Hana Bruderer
Marc Duret
Bob McAndrew
Julien Vialon
Stephanie Campion
Callback was filmed and has its world premiere in NYC, September 17-19 2010, screening in Paris in October
11.10.09"Parting Touches"
Martin Chipperfield Harry seeks peace of mind in a gulf town where the people are counting the clicks to calamity.
He looks up his brother Jack and finds him sitting in silence on the verandah dreaming of a game of football. As it happens, Marsha's in town to see Jack too, alarmed because the payments he was sending for their daughter Chloe suddenly stopped.
Nidala Barker, Stephanie Campion, James Gerard,
Jennifer Hicks, Julie Kalya, Josephine Mackerras, Danny Rukavina, Stephen Shagov, Thomas Victorio
27.09.09"Unto the Third Generation"
Roy Lisker Three generations of a family live in a castle in the south of France (set on a steep hill overlooking a sleepy village, of course). The family fortune derives from methods for embalming cadavres, and alchemic experiments are conducted just above the dining room...
A Chabrol-style horror film pastiche, with loads of sex, murder, incest, madness and asthma.
Christina Batman, Stephanie Campion, Sylvain Charbonneau, Damian Corcoran, Isha Corcoran, Kevin Harrigan, Thomas Harrigan, Oscar Relier, Kim Tilbury,
Thomas Victorio
13.09.09"Home Bodies"
Melvyn Chase Deep in the wilds of Connecticut, a self-sufficient family happily raises chickens and hunts deer in the woods… Until Dad brings home a hitch-hiker. Who is he? Will he stay and become part of the family? Suddenly "skeletons" start appearing out of closets, and things are revealed to be not at all what they seemed. Sarah Canner, Paul Cavin,
Patricia Kessler, Tercelin Kirtley, James Mitchell, Mike Powers
19.07.09"Stage Fright"Charles Borkhuis A writer menaced by dreams of talking Dobermans, an unhappy wife questioning what might have been, and a mysterious Doppelganger-actor who may be performing for an audience, which may or may not exist, in a play that threatens to spill over into real life. A savvy, witty, unsettling look at our ability to distinguish truth from fiction … and the murky, creative, exciting gray matter between them. Paul Barrett
Lorian James
Lily Sauvage
28.06.09"The Strawberry and the Kaiser" Lizzi Wolf Anna is the perfect Daddy’s Girl — serving as her father’s nurse, assistant, apprentice, and guinea-pig — until she meets Daisy. Finding herself in love with another woman, Anna must struggle against her father’s old-world values. Through a series of confrontations, family secrets are revealed and long-buried memories are unearthed. Will Anna stand up for her right to love and be loved on her own terms? Julia Neuhaus
Elena Luoto, Richard Hadley
Joanna Bartholomew
Stephanie Campion
14.06.09"Common Denominators" Gwyneth Hughes music  Musical comedy:
A briefcase full of stolen jewelry is buried in a garden where the protagonists of a new love affair and an old love affair meet. Secretly, a third couple do everything in their power to retrieve the briefcase
Kay Bourgine, Bill Dunn
Christine Flowers
Leemore Malka, John McNulty, Mike Powers
31.05.09"Attack of the Nearly Dead Russian Children"Mose Hayward funny  Benny's engagement party is off to a bad start. The doorbell doesn't work, none of the cool people are showing up, there's rumors of a Russian amusement park ride with an illegal decapitation bar, and the wrong people seem to want to grind the wrong type of nether nasties. Who will be the turkey "running around with its head cut off" of the farce? Madeleine Barchevska
Delphine Baril
Antony Hickling
Kristina Sherwood
Matthew Thornton
17.05.09"The Hours After" and "Deprivation"
double bill)
Elcid Asaei THE HOURS AFTER : Michael abandoned his lover at the hour of her death. Patricia lost her mother at the hour of her birth. When both are drawn into an affair, their tragic past comes back to haunt them.
DEPRIVATION : Mike is an unassuming employee at V.A.K.O Industries. Upon discovery of a sinister secret project, little does Mike know he is himself an active member in the conspiracy
Michael Katz
Karin Ingrid Nordlund,
Richard Hadley, Max Hayter, Armen Georgian
Gabrielle Mondesire
03.05.09"Death Row Diary"
Corneliu Mitrache When Ana, an English teacher from Seattle, watches a young surfer on the news talking about his encounter with a shark, her life spirals out of control. The stranger resembles not only the boy she loved and lost in her teens but also their son who died in a motorcycle accident. Curiosity leads to obsession... Kay Bourgine, Lorian James
Stephanie Campion, Anna Cottis, Bill Dunn, David Hovis, Taelor Ranzau, Michael Stromme
19.04.09"Stolen Crimes"
Timothy Jay Smith In this quirky black comedy, a woman’s scheme to steal a celebrity’s identity backfires when she ends up stealing a lot more than she bargained for! Peggy Smithhart, Kim Tilbury, Paul Cavin, Bill Dunn, James Mitchell, Maurizio Arena, Rachel Rubenstein, Stephanie Campion, Thomas Victorio  
05.04.09"The Minotaur"Michael Black In post-war Paris, Pablo Picasso is juggling three mistresses. One of them,  Marie-Therese Walter, has a child by him, one of them, Dora Maar, has a mental breakdown, and the youngest of them, Françoise Gilot, is determined to oust the other two. Meanwhile, Picasso sells his paintings to a homosexual American GI who falls in love with Dora Maar... Jeremy Coffman, Carey Downer, Richard Hadley, Sanja Jankovic, Jérôme Maroni, Sophie Nahmias 
"The Legend of Dermot McTier"Kit Leonard Who, in fact, was Dermot McTier? Who was he working with when he spent time at his uncle's Irish pub in North London in 1984? And why, in the late 1990s, is an anti-terrorist man from Scotland Yard looking so hard for him? Valentine Bureau, Damian Corcoran, Mike Dineen, Sanja Jankovic, Damian McCann  
22.02.09"Sally Robinson"
Lance Tait A C.I.A. team's mission in Paris: abduct French nationals of Arab descent whom they know have fought on the side of the Iraqi insurgents against American forces. One of the men the Americans are seeking is lured into the open by thinking he will meet an attractive blonde woman who is an advocate for Muslim culture and self-determination. The woman’s name: Sally Robinson. And where is her sole residence? Nick Millett, Frédéric Le Guern,
Amine Sabir, Elena Odessa,
Lexie Kendrick, Paul Cavin, Clarence Tokely, Bill Dunn, John McNulty, Jeremy Coffman, Valentine Bureau, Danny Rukavina, Stephanie Campion
John McNulty A new telling of an age old conflict first recounted in Abbe Prevost's eighteenth century novel MANON LESCAUT, that of the war between passion and money. This modern version tells the tale of a young Brazilian musician who is schooled in the hard realities of life when he falls in love with a beautiful young woman who is far out of his price range... Alice Vial, Pierre Edouard,
Gerald Morales, Anna Cottis,
Sylvain Charbonneau, Caroline Sol
11.01.09"Terra Incognita"Kit Leonard Can love be love in a place where nearly everyone has something to hide? In post-war Munich an English woman who trained female double-agents and sent them to their deaths in Germany, falls in love. Possibly fatally... Claudia Bolz, Perrine Moran
Eva Schwan, Colin Reese
Oscar Relier

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