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In 2008, 24 plays were read by 169 actors before audiences totalling 508 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
28.12.08"Awkward Pauses"Jay Boyer Judah Sterling is being left by his wife, Emily, for Geoffrey, a much younger man. Just as she was once Judah's student, Geoffrey is hers. Judah has agreed to let Emily have custody of their two daughters but, as the time approaches, he appears alone at Geoffrey's flat...
A black comedy about love at three different ages.
Geoffrey Bateman,
Maxine Canham,
Emmanuel Ullmann
07.12.08"Sunshine or Shade" Gwyneth Hughes Four women meet in a country house for an afternoon of complicity --- and duplicity. One is hiding. One is lying. One is spying. One is bribing. What heed will each in turn pay to a need for genuine friendship? Lauren Alexandre-Lasseur,
Kay Bourgine, Pelham Spong, Kim Tilbury
3rd reading on 18/11/2018 as "Outside Chances"
09.11.08"Paris Adventures"
(radio play)
Ken Mackenzie Annette, an adventurous young Englishwoman on a business trip to Paris, rescues a dog, which then bites her hand. The story of your life, her less adventurous boyfriend says. Her attempts to rescue a drug addict and a wholefood shopowner also have unexpected consequences... Stephanie Campion,
Damian Corcoran, Jean-Christophe Lucchesi,
Frédéric Le Guern,
Jérôme Wiggins,
Joanna Bartholomew
26.10.08"Hamlet's Psychiatrist"Roy LiskerA satire on 400 years of 'interpretations' of Hamlet.
A new character is added to the usual cast : the psychiatrist Dr. Maximillian Nice, who persuades Hamlet to act mad to avoid arousing his uncle's suspicions. But when he does so, Nice has him incarcerated in a mental hospital. And it gets madder still...

Jerry di Giacomo, Emmanuel Ullmann, Oscar Relier, Lily Sauvage, Richard Hadley, Jeremy Coffman, Pelham Spong, Johnny Palmer, Amine Sabir, Erwan Dujardin, Danny Rukavina, Stephanie Campion 
12.10.08"Night-Time Nellie"
Alexis NikiWhen most sixteen-year-olds are fast asleep, Nellie looks after her sleepwalking family and does homework. Her monotony is relieved when a cute boy moves in next door and a mysterious new tutor shows up. But Nellie soon realises her new friends harbour a treacherous secret — and soon her skills as a guardian become a matter of life and death.Nelly Buchet-Deak, Peggy Smithhart, Isaac Gollish,
Emmett Rahn-Oakes,
Simon Gollish, Jesse Moussy, Sonia Backers, Paul Cavin,
Bill Dunn, David Hovis
"Clash of Wills"
2nd reading
Gloria Carreño "… and it is on sole acceptance of these conditions that I bequeath my estate as follows…"
"Can she do that?"   "What a sense of humour!"   "Old bat!"…
Stephanie Campion
Carey Downer
James Gerard, Richard Hadley,
Julie Kalya, Richard Pye
28.09.08"East Lynne"Graham Bushnell A new stage adaptation of the 1861 novel by Mrs Henry Wood.
Despite criticism from the intellectual establishment of the time, the novel became a best-seller that, like its author, gave vent to some dangerous ideas whilst retaining an air of Victorian propriety.
Lois Parker-Smith, Sarah Tullamore,Jonathan Perrein, Oscar Relier, Stephanie Campion, Maxine Canham, Mark Cresswell, Rosalie Nickerson, Ian Marshall, Lesley Phillips, Joanna Bartholomew, Julie Kalya, Damian Corcoran, Isha Corcoran  
14.08.08"The Night Reader"Stewart Lindh A death-obsessed poet gets a lesson in living from the dying when he volunteers to read to three terminally ill outpatients, each of whom helps to shatter the tomb of rhetoric he and his poetry are buried inside. Jeremy Coffman, James Mitchell,
Danny Rukavina, Kate McCarthy, Stephanie Campion
Recorded for partial televising on 5th Nov. 2008
13.07.08"Night Scales"Chris Tysh Focused on the events of World War II, this poetic play tracks its heroine, K, as she goes through the mined terrain of Eastern Europe, death at her heels. With its shadows and lacerated memory, this polyphonic text unleashes a collective voice which is both story and song.. Stephanie Campion, Sophie Cartier-Dodds, Melinda Gidaly-Mayor, Linda Langford-Powell, Ivan Magrin-Chagnolleau,
Clara McBride, Elena Odessa Ray
April 2010 : staged in Detroit

Published by United Artists, New York : ISBN 935992-40-5
29.06.08"Acting Out" Charles Borkhuis Joseph and Alice, two middle-aged actors, slowly turn their marriage into a war zone, centering on the suicide of their teenage daughter, Amy. When their son Jamie and his girlfriend Ali arrive, Joseph’s resentments and repressed desires begin to weaken his family and the sanity of its members. Randall Holden,
Lily Sauvage,
Jeremy Coffman,
Kristina Sherwood
Public reading on 26.04.10 in NYC with Randall Holden, directed by Sturgis Warner
Paul Bandey A violent thriller that grows from a mulch of peace and love, featuring a strong rock soundtrack. In a growing nightmare of young idealism led astray, hip young things come apart at the seams in deepest rural England.
"Withnail & I" meets "Helter Skelter".
Eli Barrett, Anne Brown, Jeremy Coffman, Mark Cresswell, Charlie Fleming,
Antony Hickling, Chloé Hollings, Marian Hollings, Colin Reese, Lewis Rogers, Vivienne Vermes,
Stephanie Campion
25.05.08"Be My Husband" Yelena Moskovich An adaptation of the novel "Giovanni's Room" by James Baldwin, this play is an exploration of alienation set amidst the post-war Parisian world of frivolity and fear. David, an American expatriate, is torn between his affair with Giovanni, an Italian immigrant, and Hella, his fiancée. Blake Habermann, James Mitchell, Gerald Morales,
Pierre de la Regnacourt,
Mary Tuomanen;
directed by Laura Woody
18.05.08"LATE"N.C.Heikin Andre’s wife is gone… or is she? And he’s glad she is… or is he? He doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and we don’t know if she’s dead or alive. Meanwhile, his loyal housekeeper is trying to keep them both sane. A dark comedy about love, grief, and economics. Bill Dunn,
Gigi Ledron,
Lily Sauvage
04.05.08"Clash of Wills"Gloria Carreño "… and it is on sole acceptance of these conditions that I bequeath my estate as follows…"
"Can she do that?"   "What a sense of humour!"   "Old bat!"…
Peter Burley, Stephanie Campion, Nicholas Mead, Susan Laplane, James Gerard, Heike Brunner, Graham BushnellSecond reading on 2nd October 2008 in Tarbes
20.04.08"Too Clever by Half" Gwyneth Hughes Seven women gravitate around Wayne's house. Rosanna wants to come in; Maggie wants to get out. Irma wants to talk; Odette wants to say nothing. Pearl wants money, Maureen wants advice, and Joy just wants them all to be friends. Will anyone get what she wants? Sheila Coren-Tissot, Tracy James, Lexie Kendrick, Mimi Roussin, Eva Schwan, Kristina Sherwood, Pelham Spong 2nd reading on 03/06/2018
06.04.08"Delicate Hands of the Cyclops" William Whitehurst Professor of Literature and Postmodern Studies Dr. Alice Cameron is attacked and brutally beaten. An African-American man is arrested, but Alice comes to believe a colleague of hers is in fact the culprit. Her determination to find out the truth leads her to the darkest places of her own self. Laura d'Arista, Anne Brown, Antonio Ferreira, Randall Holden, Jon Hutchinson, Kim Tilbury, William Whitehurst  
30.03.08"Final Status"
Timothy Jay Smith Rafi, a Mossad agent, troubled by his assassination of a falsely-accused Palestinian in front of his twelve-year-old son, and haunted by memories of his own father's murder by Palestinians when he himself was only a child, decides to help the man's widow. He uncovers a plot to derail the Middle East peace process. Mossad's Director sends an assassin to kill him... Oscar Relier,
Paul Cavin,
Frédéric LeGuern,
Ian Marshall,
Danny Rukavina, Lily Sauvage, Hubert Claude, Kim Tilbury, Stephanie Campion,
Murray Simpson
semifinalist in the 2009 American Screenwriters Association's screenwriting competition
16.03.08"The Buckley Finishing Line"Danny Rukavina When the eldest son's gambling habit finally pays off - against all odds - the Buckleys' cosy sense of family begins to crumble. Their belief in hard work, knowing one's place, and assuming that they know best how to help each other must give way to painful realisations about who they really are and what they really want. Stephanie Campion,
Armen Georgian,
Geoffrey Greenhill,
Antony Hickling,
Lois Parker-Smith
02.03.08"Communion of Saints"Kathleen Cromie "There's more to life than having a pulse, and more to death than not having one." A battle of wits between Jeanne Darc and Jean Moulin, two of the greatest heroes of French history, both killed (5 centuries apart) for doing the same thing : uniting the dispirited remains of an army into a force strong enough to overthrow an occupation. They agree to one more battle : to save each other's soul. Juliet Coren-Tissot,
Gerald Morales,
Marc Heddesheimer,
French adaptation staged in Paris summer 2011
24.02.08 "A Mirror for Simple Souls" Barratt Walton The story of Marguerite Porete, one of the most original thinkers and writers of the middle ages, was lost in the centuries after her death. In recent years, however, she has become a subject of intense interest for historians. Although her conflict with the Inquisitor of Paris is well documented, much of her life remains a mystery, as does the saga of her great work, The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls. This play examines a fateful hour in Marguerite's life, and provides suggested answers to some of the mysteries surrounding her. Stephanie Campion,
Damian Corcoran,
Hester Wilcox
10.02.08"Delicate Hands of the Cyclops"William Whitehurst Professor of Literature and Postmodern Studies Dr. Alice Cameron is attacked and brutally beaten. An African-American man is arrested, but Alice comes to believe a colleague of hers is in fact the culprit. Her determination to find out the truth leads her to the darkest places of her own self. Laura d'Arista, Kay Bourgine,
Ronald Crooks, Rodrigo Feldman, Jon Hutchinson, Alixandra Macmillan-Fiedel, Kim Tilbury, Clarence Tokley
Second reading on 6th April 2008 already!
27.01.08"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"Michael diAntonio In an act of goodwill and reconciliation, a group of yankee doodies go to froggie to put on a play about sexual identity. Unbeknownst to them, they fall into political and terrorist intrigue. A freewheeling comedy about the march of individualism in our age. Stephanie Campion, Paul Cavin, Lemmy Constantine, David Hovis, Frédéric Le Guern, Ian Marshall, Danny Rukavina,
Kim Tilbury
06.01.08"Kangaroo Songline" Roy Lisker Raymond the kangaroo loves to sing, but he's losing all his friends because he doesn't know how to sing in tune. This is the story of his voyage across Australia to find a famous singing teacher, and of all the new friends - and enemies - he meets along the way. Starring a kangaroo, a duck-billed platypus, a koala, a flying squirrel, an anteater, a tree, a water-buffalo, a camel, a dingo, a crocodile, three bandicoots, a wallaby and a wombat. Oh yes, and three humans. Nicholas Ducasse, Eric Connor, Damian Corcoran, Bill Dunn,
David Hovis, Jon Hutchinson,
Kim Tilbury, Sonia Backers,
Jenny Bennitt, Martin Bennitt,
Isha Corcoran, Meg Filipidis,
Benjamin Moussy, Jesse Moussy

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