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In 2007, 25 plays were read by 146 actors before audiences totalling 374 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
16.12.07"In the Greenhouse" Gwyneth Hughes "Go hide in the greenhouse. As soon as we're seated in the dining room, you can sneak into the house and up the stairs. Don't turn on the TV or flush the toilet until the guests leave. Then we'll figure out how we can help you get back on your feet." Madeleine Barchevska, Stephanie Campion,
Julia Rose,
Lily Sauvage
Second reading on 07/12/2008 as "Sunshine or Shade"
02.12.07"Coffee and Swordfish" Melinda Gidaly-Mayor Nella and Melissa are fast friends whose bond - and shared ability to nearly make each other pee their pants with laughter - connects them throughout the years. When Nella's relationship with Paul tests her free-spirited approach to life, Melissa's sarcastic sense of humour cannot disguise the feelings she discovers within herself. An honest, intelligent story of female friendship in all its strengths, weaknesses and ridiculous inside jokes. Heike Brunner,
Sarah Canner,
Clarence Tokely
18.11.07"Back of all Things" Celia McBride After a long separation due to active addiction, Madeleine and her half-brother Joseph, once known as "High Joey", are reunited. Joseph, now clean for a number of years, returns to make amends to Madeleine, who has become a nun. Can her fragile faith save her from her old addictive behaviours? Steve Croce, Clara McBride, Olivier Reynal, Sonia Atchanhouin, Stephanie Campion,
Chris Mack
11.11.07"CRUITHNE" Timothy Jay Smith Dylan has been elected the new Leader, or has he? Has Bates, his opponent, managed to steal the election for himself? To whom will Helen be true, the winner or the man she loves? The very future of civil society is at risk in this modern-day Greek tragedy-cum-parody. Stephanie Campion, Paul Cavin, Ronald Crooks, Oscar Relier, Mike Dineen, Susan Dorlen, Meg Filipidis, David Hovis, Jan-Rachelle Wagner 
in Exile"
Eric Sanders Fact : during his exile in Elba, Napoleon Bonaparte used to take long salt baths whilst reading and re-reading the Arabian Nights. Conclusion upon which this play is based : separated from society, Napoleon found it necessary to delude himself with stories which fed his hopes of returning from exile. The play pays tribute to the way the Arabian Nights use stories as more than mere entertainment… Sonia Backers,
Damian Corcoran
14.10.07"The Loo" Susana Sedgwick In a small, cramped bathroom in a small, cramped New York City apartment, surrounded by clothes hung up to dry - her own, her husband's, her mother's - Jill locks herself away in the only place where she can get any privacy. As the play progresses, more and more of the accoutrements of her life - including her mother but excluding her husband - find their way into the bathroom with her.Susana Sedgwick Performed at the La Mama, New York on 13th.November 2007
16.09.07"Singing in the Reign of Terror" Jon Allen Russo Forget what they taught in school about the political bloodbath known in France as "La Terreur." Follow the misdeeds of Robespierre, Danton, Marat and others as they build a Republique on murder, backstabbing, paranoia, ambition, the guillotine and love. Laugh your fool head off as you learn the truth behind the "Terreur".
Laura d'Arista, Chris Barry, Eric Connor, Damian Corcoran, Christa Fenal, Alexis Kendrick, Vincent La Torre, Jon Russo, Michael Stromme 
24.06.07"One Day
I'll go to Compostela"
Marie-Céline Lachaud Answering a questionnaire about Santiago di Compostela, a woman revisits her trip one year later. Why did she go? She went for all the times she didn't go. That's it! For hundreds of miles, on foot, she followed Jack, a little old man straight out of a fairy tale. Her parents, her daughter, a psychoanalyst, a backpack and a fairytale cape all accompany her inner journey of discovery. Mimi Roussin Scheduled for UK appearance on 2nd November 2007
17.06.07"Autopsy"Kenneth Hickey "She was beautiful... Carried herself with an ease I’d never seen before. Trapped every eye in the room when she walked in... Trapped me... She wasn’t even pretty in the normal sense of the word... But she was beautiful." AUTOPSY : a triangle with roses and an umbrella… Paul Barrett,
Stephanie Campion,
Laura d'Arista
Being staged in Ireland 2007
27.05.07"RED"Antoinette Moses RED is an entertainment - a collage of historical records, chemical recipes, myths, music and dance which poses the question : what is the cost of art? The play probes the conflict between aesthetic vision and fame through the life of the French/Russian expressionist painter Soutine and the development of the colour red. Heike Brunner, Damian Corcoran, James Mitchell, Jenny Bokoch, Nicholas Ducasse, Bill Dunn, Mark Hanly, Linda Langford-Powell, Eva Schwan, Kim Tilbury rewrite in progress
13.05.07"Deep Divide" Charles Borkhuis Will, a gangster holing up in his cabin hideaway, is unexpectedly visited by his younger brother Jessie, who spent five years in prison for a crime Will had planned. Will is suspicious of his brother’s motives but Jessie ingratiates himself with Will’s wife, and finally wins them over. But Jessie wants to know about his wife’s mysterious suicide soon after he was released from prison. He thinks Will is withholding vital information and starts to use Jill against him, forcing a desperate struggle for the truth. Edwin Gerard, J.D.Ostrow,
Julia Rose
rewrite in progress
29.04.07"The Buckley Finishing Line"Danny Rukavina The Buckleys are a typical Australian family who believe in the value of hard work. When the eldest son announces he has quit his job, they are forced to admit that he has a serious gambling habit. But when his luck changes, the family's fortunes take a dramatic turn. How long can his winning streak last? What will happen to the family living it up on easy money? Sonia Backers,
Jeremy Boyd,
Paul Cavin,
Sophie Clarke,
Jeremy Coffman
second reading scheduled for 25th November 2007
15.04.07"Pitch"Shena Wilson When young writer Emily Gould arrives at the theatre where her new play will be presented, she expects to pick up a production schedule and go home to the safety of her desk. But there is one more step in the selection process! Quaking with stage-fright, but determined not to let her hard work and pride fly out the window, Emily makes a solo 'pitch' to save her production. In doing so she reveals, and discovers, more about the theatre, about love and about herself than she intends.Shelly de Vito Performed at FEATS Theatre Festival in The Hague on 28th.May 2007
01.04.07"A Marquise of our Time" Corneliu Mitrache An American writer living in Paris stumbles upon the perfect muse in the shape of a Russian beauty married to an aging aristocrat. This enigmatic marquise is a painter and author of an erotic novel. Ida's determination to turn her liaison with Doru into a work of art escalates into a dangerous, life-imitates-art game. Maurizio Arena, Ayesha Carmody, James Mitchell, Stephanie Campion, Bill Dunn, Michael Stromme, Kim Tilbury 
18.03.07"MotherShip"Elena Kaufman MotherShip is a dangerous domestic drama. Six siblings break into the family home to reclaim their own lives after their mother is hospitalized. As adults, they find they are imprisoned by their shared past, no matter how they try to survive it or move past it. They relive these perilous moments and challenge the sibling hierarchy, which is their mother’s legacy. But can they survive as a family unit without their Matriarch? Jennifer Bokoch, Jeremy Coffman, J.D.Ostrow, Kristina Sherwood, Michael Stromme, Kim Tilbury; Director : Chris Mack 
25.02.07"Food, Sex, Shelter"Michael di Antonio This is a disturbing, bawdy dark comedy. A smug man starts his day with a comfortable life, and then loses all his comfort by the end of the day. Maybe he learns something about suffering, but he certainly discovers that no good deed goes unpunished and that there is always more to lose. Is it in our selves or in our stars that we are underlings? Maurizio Arena, Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Bill Dunn, Armen Georgian, Nick Quinby, Kelly Rivière, Ray Schaub 
18.02.07"The Degenerate" and other sketches Lance Tait Eleven new sketches ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, similar in style to "Sex in Advertising," a sketch that premiered at Moving Parts and that went on, in a video version, to receive 90,000 hits in its first month on the internet. Damian Corcoran, Sheila Coren-Tissot, Zaab Curley Jr., Carey Downer, Bill Dunn, Catherine Guérrin, Alexis Kendrick, Elena Odessa Ray, Brian Quinn, Michael Stromme, Kim Tilbury 
11.02.07"The Madness of King Lu"Cathal Courtney King Ludwig II of Bavaria is esteemed by artists and poets. But his councillors say he is driving Bavaria into ruin and want him replaced. A comedy/drama. Damian Corcoran, Carey Downer, Mark Hanly, Brian Higgins, Colin David Reese, Lance Tait 
double bill...
"The Hideous Face of Love" William Whitehurst Actor Richard J. Shenck is being stalked by someone in the audience. Can he find out who it is in time to save himself? A darkly comic look at the consequences of inspiring too much adoration. Jon Allen Russo 
"Knuckleball"William Whitehurst In a moment of passion and intimacy, Ross proposes to Trish. She tells him she wants to marry him, but cannot. But he won't take no for answer — she must either marry him or explain why she won't. And so she tells an extraordinary tale about who — and what — she really is. But is she telling the truth? And if she is, will the truth destroy these lovers, or save them? Knuckleball challenges us to rethink the nature and meaning of love in our contemporary world. Laura d'Arista,
Eric Connor
14.01.07"Molly : a Dialogue with Beckett"Dolly West Molly, a would-be writer and life-long fan of Samuel Beckett, believes he sent her a message to write a film script based on his work, but she doesn't know what to do with it. Beckett comes to her assistance from beyond the grave, and everything is going swimmingly until, to their great surprise, in walks Godot, who wants to run the show! After all, he is the star! A fantasy, inspired by Beckett's work, with all due respect to him, despite tongue in cheek.... Stephanie Campion,
Christian Erikson,
James Mitchell;
Director : Chris Mack

"Shakespeare's Seven?"
presented as a dinner theatre
Constance George WORDS APART : two actors realise that compromise is part of the rehearsal process.
THE IDEA : A zealous director has a new concept for directing Shakespeare...
VARIANCE : An actor rehearsing a female role finds it liberating.
THAT'S AMORE : Two actresses discover they have more in common than just the theatre.

MEASURING UP : Auditioning for the same part, two actors find their friendship challenged.

SOLUS : A director is spiritually challenged by her lead actor.

THE AUDITION : An actress is auditioning for a director, but who is auditioning whom?
Elena Odessa Ray, Clarence Tokley,
Jodi Forrest,
Eric Connor,
Michael Stromme,
Kay Bourgine,
Tracy James,
Bill Dunn, Oscar Relier, Stephanie Campion,
Kate McCarthy, Ronald Crooks,
James Mitchell,
Kim Tilbury

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