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In 2006, 25 plays were read by 154 actors before audiences totalling 471 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
17.12.06"Fishing at Midnight" and "The Place Won't be the Same Without You" Andrew Macintyre A double bill consisting of :
a dream in three scenes and
the first act of a play on the theme :
What if someone married to their job wants a divorce?.
Sonia Backers,
Heike Brunner,
Mark Hanly,
Colin David Reese,
Murray Simpson
Act II under construction...
03.12.06"The Rose"Kenneth Hickey What does a man live for when he feels he has lost everything? What lengths will he go to? Whom will he turn to, whom can he trust? An examination of one man's manipulation by the darker establishment forces at work in the world... Jennifer Bokoch, Damian Corcoran, Armen Georgian,
Brian Higgins,
Murray Simpson
19.11.06"Andrea" Mose Will Hayward In the last remaining soda fountain shop in Iowa City, the sink has stopped working. Hillary orders Ralph to fix it, but Ralph doesn’t know how. He tries joking with it. Andrea tries sending the sink her positive vibes, and also tries turning the knobs. Paul attempts to fix the sink by unscrewing the knobs and banging both them and his face against the counter, sobbing and praying for deliverance. This farce adaptation of Racine’s great tragedy Andromaque is the story of this nonfunctioning sink, and also of explosive murder, childhood terminal illness and catastrophic stickiness. Who will be the drip of the comédie boulevard? Steve Croce,
Laura d'Arista,
Kristina Sherwood,
Stéphanie Germonpré
05.11.06"Sara with
an H"
Robertie Vallee SCREENPLAY :
Stunned at her diagnosis after a road accident, Sara leaves her husband Peter, and hits the road towards a chancy destination. Peter sets out to look for her...
Alexis Kendrick, Ronald Crooks, Heike Brunner, Stephanie Campion, Bill Dunn, Edwin Gerard, Ryan Macdermitt, Elaine Newton, Oscar Relier, Michael Stromme, Kim TilburyThe search for funding is under way!
22.10.06"The Turnip Truck" Jonus Fasten your seat belts... Nothing's Safe when the Turnip Truck steers into town. This wickedly absurd vehicle careers off the beaten path and right over the cliff, taking no prisoners. Whoever said ignorance is bliss had better rethink the old adage. Hands off the emergency brake! Once you get on, The Turnip Truck races through an explosive climax and on to a stunning finish line that would leave even Sherlock Holmes scratching his head in wonder. Kay Bourgine, Stephanie Campion,Steve Croce,
Nick Quinby,
Mimi Roussin,
Jon Allen Russo
15.10.06"Home Bodies" Melvyn Chase Deep in the wilds of Connecticut, a self-sufficient family happily raises chickens and hunts deer in the woods… Until Dad brings home a hitch-hiker. Who is he? Will he stay and become part of the family? Suddenly "skeletons" start appearing out of closets, and things are revealed to be not at all what they seemed… Bill Dunn, Edwin Gerard,
Kate McCarthy, Elena Odessa Ray, Jeremy Savoir, Michael Stromme
Second reading on 13.09.09 
24.09.06"FE-MAIL"N.C.Heikin College friends re-unite via e-mail and try to save the world! Sarah Bartlett, Kay Bourgine, Kate McCarthy, Angela Moore, Mimi Roussin, Jan-Rachelle Wagner Read at La Mama ETC in NYC in May 2007, starring Tovah Feldshuh.
17.09.06"A Man is What a Man Does"William Whitehurst When "Jack-in-the-Box" rent-a-cop James Cronley is acquitted in the death by shooting of Kevin McNabe, McNabe's best friend Billy Frick swears revenge. Though set in a small beach community in Tidewater, Virginia, the play explores universal themes such as love, revenge, the future of Elton John, and what to do with a whale stuck on the prow of an aircraft carrier… Robert Bradford, Tonio Colonna, Mike Dineen, Guy Emanuel, Paul Emanuel, Alexis Kendrick, Rafael Marinho, Nick Quinby, Kim Tilbury, Rupert Wates 
02.07.06"Those Who Walk Behind Us Lead The Way" Yelena Moskovich A brother and sister who became Russian expatriates on different sides of the Bolshevik Revolution are reunited in Paris. But can lost family be reconciled when one is a Red Russian and one a White Russian? Chased by an odd series of omens, dreams and memories, they are led through the expatriate quarter of Paris in search of their identity. Frédéric Le Guern, Kelly Rivière, Yannick Rocher, Stephanie Campion, Elena Odessa Ray, Francescu Raffaelli, Mimi Roussin, Leah Tesser, Rupert Wates 
25.06.06"Alarm"Dan Heching Have you ever been plagued by your own alarm clock? JR, an impressionable young man struggling with life's traumas, finds himself in a constant struggle to 'beat the clock'. Can his roommate and gifted friend help him or only cause further distress? A reflection on the human relationship with time, its impending and inevitable movement, and the all-powerful notion of healing. Brian Quinn,
Nick Quinby,
Kristina Sherwood,
Jerry di Giacomo
18.06.06"The Cafeteria"George Evelyn It is a typical morning for expatriates working diligently overseas. When crisis erupts outside their walls, confusion and panic allow everyone to act as poorly or as wisely as they please. A mixture of realism and surrealism, "The Cafeteria" is a modern-day exploration of what happens when arrogance and ambition meet an unknown situation. Kay Bourgine, Steve Croce, Bill Dunn, Alan Johnson, Jon Allen Russo, Kristina Sherwood, Christopher Seuc  
11.06.06"Neither God Nor Master" Lance Tait Almost a musical, "Neither God Nor Master" is an epic drama with 12 songs. Set in 1923 Chicago, it follows Del, his anarchist sister, Lynette and her friend Sidney Chong, as Del hounds Sidney to his unfortunate demise. Maurizio Arena, Chris Barry, Robert Brazil, Damian Corcoran, Carey Downer, Bill Dunn, Alexis Kendrick, Claire Naylor, Wilhelm Queyras, Elena Odessa Ray, Jon Allen Russo, Michael Stromme  
07.05.06"Women, Ghosts and Bears" Barratt Walton A comedy of family and friendship. Five women and a ghost meet in a garden filled with roses, memories, and a surprising number of teddy bears. As they participate (willingly or otherwise) in an eccentric project spearheaded by the ailing and artistic Elenora, they confront old sorrows and discover new possibilities for their lives. Sonia Backers, Sarah Bartlett, Stephanie Campion, Clara McBride, Inti Sraj, Hester Wilcox  
09.04.06"Porn Again"Ken Mackenzie Controversy arises over rehearsals in Vienna of a semi-pornographic play banned and supposedly destroyed by the Nazis in 1940. A young woman in London claims the rights to it, as it was written by her grandfather. A young man in Vienna claims ownership because the copy being revived was found in his grandfather's papers. Drama (and some comedy) results… Chris Barry, Damian Corcoran, Sarah Leaf, Eva Schwan, Stephen Shagov, Yann Soitiño, Michael Stromme 
02.04.06"Neon Buddha" Timothy Jay Smith Two American soldiers surnamed Brown are mistakenly booked into the same hotel room in Saigon during the Vietnam War. Tony Brown, coming back from home leave - where he faces a bleak future if he survives the war - is headed into combat the next day. Art Brown, just off the front line and headed home, has a secret that might jeopardize his close relationship with his father. Into their midst comes Suzi, a child prostitute, who is desperate to escape and return to her village before her mother dies. For all three, their encounter profoundly changes their lives in ways they don’t fully realize until another chance meeting many years later. Sheila Coren-Tissot, Roderick Evans,
Jerry di Giacomo,
Dan Heching,
Alan Johnson,
Jade Nguyen,
Derek Raskin,
Shelly de Vito
26.03.06"I Write Her Poems"Marcel Wenger He teaches English in cafes for cash and falls for a woman who wants grammar lessons to help her kids, but will not tell him who she is… Raoul Fernandez,
Elena Odessa Ray
12.03.06"Angela Unbound"William Whitehurst Daniel MacBaine has written a satirical novel in which he has depicted his former girlfriend Caroline Hoskins as a "cow from Wisconsin". And now Caroline has followed him to Paris to force him to write a sequel in which he shows how much she's changed. But can she overcome Daniel's writer's block — especially when according to him, she's the main cause? Enter timid, polite Charles Henry Duprey, the prospective translator of the novel into French… Luc Baboulène,
Steve Croce,
Kim Tilbury,
Jérôme Wiggins
26.02.06"Dialogue with Beckett"Dolly West Molly, a would-be writer and life-long fan of Samuel Beckett, believes he sent her a message to write a film script based on his work, but she doesn't know what to do with it. Beckett comes to her assistance from beyond the grave, and everything is going swimmingly until, to their great surprise, in walks Godot, who wants to run the show! After all, he is the star! A fantasy, inspired by Beckett's work, with all due respect to him, despite tongue in cheek.... Anneliese Anzer,
Robert Barr,
Jerry di Giacomo
Second reading on 14th January 2007
19.02.06"The Cafeteria"George Evelyn It is a typical morning for expatriates working diligently overseas. When crisis erupts outside their walls, confusion and panic allow everyone to act as poorly or as wisely as they please. A mixture of realism and surrealism, "The Cafeteria" is a modern-day exploration of what happens when arrogance and ambition meet an unknown situation. Kay Bourgine, Steve Croce, Bill Dunn, Alan Johnson, Kate McCarthy, Jon Allen Russo, Kristina SherwoodSecond reading on 18th June 2006

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