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In 2005, 24 plays were read by 137 actors before audiences totalling 514 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
18.12.05"Hitler's Favorite Play"N.C.Heikin What happens when a very bright, international, and Jewish high school student, wants to perform Marlowe's The Jew of Malta, one of the most anti-Semitic works ever written... Maurizio Arena, Kay Bourgine, Peter Burley, Stephanie Campion, Jerome Raim, Gary TrémaudRewrite just finished, October 2007
04.12.05"Venus on Vacation"Chantal Rosas-Cobian Nobody is falling in love any more! Cupid has lost his aim! Venus may be on vacation, but she uses her own special technology to keep in touch and try to regain control of the situation. Deprived of her ability to intercede in matters of the human heart, the goddess made vulnerable opens her own heart revealing the very essence of her spirit… Sarah Owen
with the voices of :
Maurizio Arena, Stephanie Campion, Damian Corcoran,
Mimi Roussin
French version read on 15th January 2006
27.11.05"The Planting Land" Yelena Moskovich A poetic chronicle of the Babi Yar massacre of Jews during the German occupation of Kiev in 1941, and its devastating effect on the lives of four young people. Tonio Colonna, Jennifer Claire Dees, Kristina Sherwood, Brian Quinn 
20.11.05"A Psychoanalysis of Patricia Yang" Lance Tait A Chinese-American woman goes to China to revenge her father's death -- a death caused by forces of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The trip does nothing to release her from her sense of being adrift, overwhelmed and in pain Shelly de Vito, Lynn Bell, Stephanie Campion, Sheila Coren-Tissot, Carey Downer, Bill Dunn, Katherine Price,
Elena Odessa Ray,
Jon Allen Russo,
Kim Tilbury
06.11.056 short plays Lance Tait COLORED BULLETS
Stephanie Campion, Damian Corcoran, Sheila Coren-Tissot, Steve Croce, Zaab Curley Jr., Roderick Evans, Claire Naylor, Elena Odessa Ray, Brian Quinn, Joseph Rowe, Jon Russo 
4 Plays for Hallowe'en Lance Tait based on short stories by Edgar Allan Poe :

Chris Barry,
Stephanie Campion, Carey Downer,
Bill Dunn, Roderick Evans, Claire Naylor, Brian Quinn,
Rupert Wates
23.10.05"Johnny Casanova" Timothy Jay Smith To the would-be immigrant, America still shines like a beacon of opportunity. It lures Johnny Casanova to seek for fame instead of painting coconuts for tourists in Costa Rica. He becomes entangled in the tragic past of an American family, realises too late that the promises are lies, and risks losing the only woman he has ever loved… Maurizio Arena,
Robert Barr,
Stephanie Campion,
Lila Mazaheri,
Kim Tilbury
09.10.05"Discretion"Thomas Dooley Heather Carrington, the distinguished US Secretary of Labor, accepts to dine with her personal assistant,Gary Barnes, a notorious Capitol Hill playboy... The satire unfolds in an ambiance charged with mystery, suspense, and eroticism. However, due to the "audacious" sexual nature of many scenes, the play is recommended for mature adults only, preferably over 30 years old...and who are non-Puritans! Sonia Backers,
Ronald Crooks,
Elena Odessa Ray,
Erik Svane,
Alice Metral-Grebu, Kim Tilbury
double bill
"Voices from the Dark" Rupert Wates and Kenneth HickeyONE NIGHT ONLY by Rupert Wates :
The adventures of a night porter..
SINCE NOVEMBER by Kenneth Hickey :
He holds her captive in a room reliving a past he'd rather forget.. but time is running out and those hunting him are getting closer..
MOZART by Rupert Wates :
Paranoia in a tenement building…
Bill Dunn

Sophie Nahmias, Robert Brazil

Saul Jephcott
18.09.05"Breakthrough" Jonus Gordon is a 40-something agoraphobe... he hasn't left his apartment in three years! While taking a shower, his bathtub falls through the ceiling of an art gallery below, crushing the artist currently on display. The manager of the gallery decides that the sight of this accident is the finest art "installation" he has ever seen and is determined to make Gordon the newest art sensation in NYC! From there, "Breakthrough" begins a satirical roller-coaster ride through America's obsession with fame and sex... Many chuckles are guaranteed ... WARNING: This comedy contains adult material. It may make you blush! Robert Bradford, Stephanie Campion, Shelly de Vito,
Mimi Roussin,
Jon Allen Russo, Michael Stromme
11.09.05"Dilemma"Georgia Smith "When you're around I never actually have to say anything. Which is such a blessing. Because I can't. I can only make remarks," says Robin at the beginning of "Dilemma." That's all very well when the other person is just a friend, but the characters in this play can't be plain with the most important people in their lives. The consequences range from a mother's sly deception of her son, to the rancid end of love between a naive, materialistic American and her calculating French husband. The full catastrophe! Kay Bourgine, Stephanie Campion, Frédéric Le Guern, Murray Simpson,
Jerry Smith-Niles
12.06.05"Women, Ghosts and Bears" Barratt Walton A comedy of family and friendship. Five women and a ghost meet in a garden filled with roses, memories, and a surprising number of teddy bears. As they participate (willingly or otherwise) in an eccentric project spearheaded by the ailing and artistic Elenora, they confront old sorrows and discover new possibilities for their lives. Sandy Bernard, Stephanie Campion, Sarah Lloyd, Stacey Merkl, Leah Tesser, Hester Wilcox Second reading on 7th May 2006
29.05.05"Sixty"Robert Watson Barr With love, understanding and humor, "SIXTY" sketches some of the perils and pleasures of growing old. It ain't easy, but as someone said in "Citizen Kane" - it beats the alternative… Robert Barr, Stephanie Campion, Bill Doherty, Dan Heching, Elaine Newton, Lindsey Ostridge; Directed by :
Lisa Butler
22.05.05"The Train Set"Kenneth Hickey The ridiculed, the ignored, the misunderstood... Owen is accused of the worst imaginable crime... How far can justice see... Or is everyone really blind? Andrew Shemin, Stephanie Campion, Damian Corcoran, Jessica Luret, Kim Luret, Rupert Wates 
17.04.05"FE-MAIL"N.C.Heikin Six college classmates reunite at their reunion and decide to stay in touch via an internet hookup. Writing from their homes in several different time zones, they share, lie, argue and support each other in ways none of them imagined possible. Madeleine Barchevska, Kay Bourgine, Kate McCarthy, Rachel Ollagnon, Mimi Roussin, Jan-Rachelle Wagner Second reading on 24th September 2006 
20.03.05"Hunting Season"Mary Bruton-Sandifer The traditional hunting season is about to open in Aquitaine, when a beleagured David de la Falaise returns to his mother's declining manor house with his misfit teenage son and his American heiress girlfriend. David's hopes for a gentle life fixing up the old property are thwarted when his girlfiend sets her sights on a glorious entry into Bordeaux society via a coveted invitation to the shooting party of the year. Bad news for David who gave up hunting years ago. Add the appearance of a childhood sweetheart and rounds of below-the-belt volleys from his well-bred mother and her over-bred hunting dog, and David discovers himself in the oddest crosshairs a shooting party could ever conjure up. Paul Barrett,
Stephanie Campion,
Damian Corcoran,
Roderick Evans,
Alexis Kendrick,
Hester Wilcox
Received Honorable Mentions in competitions during 2007 from the Frement Centre Theatre in LA and from Writers Digest in NYC
13.03.05"The Interrogation of Miriam of Nazareth" Jim Delmont It is two years after the death of Jesus and Miriam, his mother, is arrested and confronted by a Roman official about the whereabouts of Jesus' body - which is considered crucial to a new and dangerous cult. Though at a disadvantage, she responds with courage, determined to defend her surviving sons, including James, "the brother of the Lord". Famous religious icons become living and breathing human beings, caught in time and circumstance, as frustrated and bewildered as any moderns.Stephanie Campion,
Luc Baboulène,
Christopher Mack
The play had a 4-week run in Omaha, earning 3 Theatre Arts Guild nominations and winning the "Outstanding New Script".
06.03.05"Alarm"Dan Heching Have you ever been plagued by your own alarm clock? JR, an impressionable young man struggling with life's traumas, finds himself in a constant struggle to 'beat the clock'. Can his roommate and gifted friend help him or only cause further distress? A reflection on the human relationship with time, its impending and inevitable movement, and the all-powerful notion of healing. Brian Quinn,
Clarence Tokley,
Sonia Backers,
Damian Corcoran
Second reading on 25th June 2006
20.02.05"L'dor Vador"Rachel Ollagnon A play that explores the relationships over several generations of women coming of age in New York, from the immigrants to the assimilated, the experience of being Jewish and American in a world that is changing politically, racially, and socially...a play that explores what it means to fall in love and be loved and the consequences that those choices have on a person's social, religious, and racial identity... Natalie Frederic, Olivier Fredj, Dan Heching, Kevin Lapin, Elena Odessa Ray, Leah Tesser, Clarence Tokley, Carla Villacorta; Directed by: Damian Corcoran 
06.02.052 short plays in English
"Epideo" in French
Michael di Antonio BIG BRO TO LITTLE JOE (a short monologue) is the story of a bum who makes a killing off his brother in the current American medical system.

EPIDEO in French translation (see past plays in French)

THE VEIL OF FORTUNE (a short play) is a fantastical satire about capitalism in the middle east.
Bill Dunn


Régis Ivanov,
Michael di Antonio,
Kim Tilbury
The English version of "Epideo", filmed in 2006, was selected for the "Indie Fest USA International Film Festival" at Disney in California in October 2007.
23.01.05"MotherShip"Elena Kaufman MotherShip is a dangerous domestic drama. Six siblings break into the family home to reclaim their own lives after their mother is hospitalized. As adults, they find they are imprisoned by their shared past, no matter how they try to survive it or move past it. They relive these perilous moments and challenge the sibling hierarchy, which is their mother’s legacy. But can they survive as a family unit without their Matriarch? Heike Brunner,
Robert Brazil, Theadora Delavault, Brian Quinn,
Stacey Merkl,
Michael Stromme ; Director : Chris Mack
Second reading on 18th March 2007
09.01.05"Dusk" Charles Borkhuis When a failing, middle-aged writer-cum-petty criminal and his confused teenage son visit the writer's parents in a small college town, they disturb a hornet's nest of unresolved family conflicts. The writer's mother has recently suffered a paralyzing stroke and is cared for by the writer's starkly humorous and at times punishing father, who is a retired professor. In a series of savagely funny and darkly ironic variations on a birthday visit, we are exposed to the stories of several generations of males who have rejected their fathers, while identifying with their grandfathers. The wounded but resolute psyches of the writer's mother and wife form an eerie parallel that stares across generations in an attempt to heal the family's deep lacerations and deadly silences. The last scene of the play occurs two years before the mother's stroke, when the same characters collect for another birthday party. Madeleine Barchevska,
Robert Barr,
Robert Bradford,
Roderick Evans,
Kim Tilbury

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