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In 2004, 23 plays were read by 140 actors before audiences totalling 519 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
05.12.04"Don't be Daft"Shena Wilson In the company of her still married parents and her successful older sisters, Toronto caterer Anna Cameron is visiting the great prairie west for the centennial celebration of the arrival in Canada of her mother’s family. She is duly braced for the best and worst of a reunion, but before she gets a chance to glimpse the original farm site or tuck into a cabbage roll, a few bitter-sweet secrets and uninvited guests will make an appearance. Stephanie Campion,
Shelly de Vito
Elena Kaufman,
Alan Johnson,
Chris Mack,
Stacey Merkl
21.11.04"Farce Noir" Jon Allen Russo Act I: Five characters - driven by greed, power or survival - come together at a most tragic moment in history, in a fateful situation which changes their motivations almost instantly.
Act II: Five different characters - driven by lust, vanity and vengeance - find themselves in the very same situation - 44 years later.
"Farce Noir" takes you on a daftly dark voyage of greed, lust and murder.
Sonia Backers, Robert Barr, Chris Barry, Stephanie Campion, Bill Doherty, Chris Mack, Clara McBride, Stephen Shagov; Directed by Lisa Butler 
07.11.04"Masks" Linda Healey MASKS is a performance piece incorporating monologues and music. In each section, a different facet of the self takes voice and speaks, dreams and confides. Each voice creates a "mask" -- whether comic, tragic, clownish, primal or even commercial. Voice and music weave together to create a rounded whole from these disparate parts. Text : Linda Healey
Music : Charles Tobermann.
17.10.04"Gambling Fever" Lance Tait A saga set in the Rocky Mountains and in Denver. Three sisters' lives intersect after one of the sisters, a businesswoman, makes plans to turn a family property into a resort for legalized gambling. In Part One, a dinosaur skeleton on the said property is excavated by a paleontologist and his team. Madeleine Barchevska, Juliet Coren-Tissot, Carey Downer, Kim Tilbury, Carla Villacorta, Robert Brazil, Steve Croce,
Bill Doherty, Marten Ingle, Jon Russo
We're waiting for part two...!
03.10.04"Helen" Lance Tait Helen, the fabled "most beautiful woman in the world" is under house arrest at the king of Egypt's palace. She never caused the Trojan War: a copy of her, fashioned from the clouds by Zeus, did. Inspired by Euripides' comedy of the same name. Includes 21 songs. Robert Brazil, Janice de Rosa, Carey Downer, Marten Ingle, Claire Naylor, Johanna Tschig 
12.09.04"Buddha's Aunt" Barratt Walton When the Buddha first became a teacher, his followers were all men. But his message was so enthralling that the women left at home clamoured to join in. The Buddha originally refused their requests, but Pajapati, his aunt and foster mother, a woman of great spirit, promptly led a series of marches that culminated in the acceptance of the women’s pleas, and the creation of the first order of Buddhist nuns. These wandering nuns later produced the Therigatha, one of the oldest books of spiritual poetry by women. Madeleine Barchevska,
Stephanie Campion,
Carey Downer,
Sarah Lloyd,
Maria d'Arcy,
Neomal Silva,
Kartik Singh
27.06.04"Hunting Season"Mary Bruton-Sandifer Aquitaine is in the throes of an Anglophone invasion and the traditional hunting season is about to open, when a beleagured David de la Falaise returns to his mother's declining manor house with his American heiress wife and their misfit teenage son. His wife sets her sights on a glorious entry into the closed Bordelais society, via a coveted invitation to the shooting party of the year. A comedy of manners, where cash poor landowners join forces with noble plumbers, roofers and electricians to put guns - and the ill mannered - in their rightful places. Paul Barrett,
Stephanie Campion,
Roderick Evans,
Christine Flowers,
Katharine Price,
Murray Simpson,
Hester Wilcox
Second reading on 20th March 2005
13.06.04"Who Killed Dmitri?"Tom O'Brien Three men in approximately the same boat, trying to navigate a well-known creek… Robert Brazil, Johnny Palmer, Yann Soitiño 
30.05.04"Is There Free Will in Hell?"Ken Mackenzie A lively play by that deals partly with political and journalistic scandals in London and partly with debates in hell about evil and free will, featuring Judas Iscariot and the snake from the Garden of Eden. Peter Burley, Stephanie Campion, Gerry Howell, Caroline Nugent, Jeremy Savoir, Murray Simpson, Stephen Shagov, Rupert Wates  
16.05.04"The Magic Hour"John Ireland Murder...fame....dreams....treachery....a smart-assed kid....a hungry agent.... a midget playing Richard III...and a whore with tits of gold. Add a half a jar of vaseline and what do you get? A Hollywood love story. The Magic Hour. Michael Morris, Kaycie Teitscheid, Steve Croce, Mimi Roussin, Jon Russo, Kim Tilbury, Robert Bradford, Bill Dunn, Stacey Merkl, Roderick Evans, Elena Odessa, Rupert Wates  
25.04.04"Epideo"Michael di Antonio Epideo is the story of a troubled young woman who, motivated by a need for greater self knowledge, discovers that she is responsible for the death of her father and is having unwitting sex with her mother. Epideo is dramatic comedic satire, a play about mistaken identity in the age of cloning and in vitro fertilization. Bill Dunn,
John Haggerty,
Elena Kaufman,
Gay Marshall,
James Mitchell,
Michael Stromme,
Kim Tilbury,
Rupert Wates
French version read on 6th February 2005, then both versions were staged at the Cine13, Montmartre in June 2005
18.04.04"Clobbering John" Jonus This time, it's the girls' turn to get even! When "enough is enough", the girls in this hilarious new farce learn a few "professional tricks" to keep the audience on their toes and their men in check. Wonderful twists and completely unpredictable. Fast, funny and sometimes naughty, this new comedy is not to be missed. Guaranteed to keep you laughing. Madeleine Barchevska, Stephanie Campion,
Mike Dineen, Bill Dunn,
Alan Johnson, Stacey Merkl, Brian Quinn, Shelly de Vito
04.04.04"Tangled Love"Thomas Dooley A tragicomedy with interlaced love triangles… and a "spiritual" pentacle. Kim Tilbury, Damian Corcoran, Ana Knight, Michael Stromme 
22.02.04"Room for Two"Philippe Braz
(translation by John Paval)
A hotel room. In the background a neon sign flashes the name EDEN HOTEL. Twelve scenes take place in that hotel room. Twelve slices of life that could be yours or mine… Sheila Coren-Tissot,
Bill Dunn, Alexis Kendrick, Stacey Merkl, Brian Quinn
08.02.04"Too Rad Forever" Mose Will Hayward It's Saturday night and Olga was going to have a party, but now she's trying to rig herself a noose from the plant hook in the kitchen ceiling. On top of that, people start showing up for the party and it¹s none of the cool people. Alward has just volunteered for surgery, Justin wants to close the bathroom medicine cabinet without it bouncing back in his face, Patty got jacked in the back of the neck with the handle of a vacuum cleaner, and Benny¹s got that nuclear holocaust feeling. Will the cool people show up for the party? Or will something at all cool happen? And despite it all, will Olga find life worth living? Stéphanie Germonpré, Courtney Kraus,
Steve Croce,
Bremner Duthie,
Andrew Shemin,
Benedetta Agnoli
25.01.04"Harry's Story"Tom O'Brien Why Harry is still single in London, and worried about what they're doing to words in California! Murray Simpson 
11.01.04"My Gran Used to Say"Mattie O'Boyle My Gran used to say, "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story". Come out and see Philadelphia performance artist Mattie O'Boyle's latest one man show of high octane fiddling, Appalachian tap dancing and tall tales. An hour long one man show of foot stomping music, frauds, fibs, fabrications and plain old fourteen carat lies. Mattie O'Boyle 

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