Some statistics, for those who like that kind of thing :

In 2003, 25 plays were read by 135 actors before audiences totalling 467 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
07.12.03"I Salute Magpies"Kenneth Hickey Three homeless people sit on a cold park bench waiting for nothing to happen. Richard tries to stay one step ahead. Billy tries to follow the map Mr. Sparrow sent to find the treasure, while Molly just tries to hold it all together. A contemporary tale about what we have become. Stephanie Campion,
Brian Quinn,
Murray Simpson,
Damian Corcoran,
Elaine Newton
23.11.03"Grime"Christopher J.Mack A grim comedy set in New Jersey. A family with secrets : a brain-damaged son, father with a heart condition, mother stuck in the past. The trouble begins when the younger son brings home a girl. Did he kill his father for trying to rape her, or was it a heart attack? And who is the man in the shadows? Janice de Rosa,
Courtney Kraus,
Ashley Sawdaye,
Andrew Shemin,
Jesse Joe Walsh
09.11.03"A Real, Real Reality Show"Murray Kaufman What we have here is an old-time vaudeville show, like a cabaret, not a play as such, not a musical, but something different… something to amuse, provoke and surprise! Stephanie Campion,
Bill Dunn
26.10.03"Dion"Tom O'Brien The perils and pitfalls of living up to a successful birth! Murray Simpson  
12.10.03"Whole"George Carr The struggle between good and evil set at the Whole, a Hollywood bar, on the eve of a hostile corporate buyout. As the clock ticks down, Larry P., owner of the Whole, is haunted by the loving but disturbing memories of his past. As the ceiling fan spins, it stirs up memories of Charlie Peters, his late brother, and of former customers who decided their fate between these now-dying walls. As songs flow from "that goddamn jukebox", Larry P. faces the lies of his family and of his life. Will he lose the Whole, his waitress and friend Aline, and his job? What is the truth about his love for Charlie’s widow? Sonia Backers,
Derrick Brenner,
John Haggerty,
Alexis Kendrick,
Ashley Sawdaye,
Kartik Singh,
Kim Tilbury
28.09.03"The Place Won't be the Same Without You" Andrew Macintyre Management consultants in love? : A reading of sketches for a new play under development concerning life, love and the Bradshaw method of management. Geoffrey Bateman, Damian Corcoran,
Carey Downer,
Matthew Duggan,
Alexis Kendrick
Second reading on 17th December 2006
14.09.03"Moments of Erotica"Rose Desena This is a collection of real moments. Moments that we all share in everyday life. Perhaps moments that most of us have no time to indulge in. They're erotic, sexy and secret. Just relax through this reading. And imagine yourself in any one of these situations on any given day... Nicolas Mead
Kim Tilbury
20.07.033 short plays Lance Tait based on short stories by Edgar Allan Poe :
Sheila Coren-Tissot,
Carey Downer,
Bill Dunn,
Neomal Silva
06.07.03"The Waterlogs"Bremner Duthie The Waterlogs was first read at Moving Parts in the fall of 2001. It's since been chosen to be read in the new writing series of the Etcetera Theatre in London, and London's Soho Theatre called it "an ambitious and bold piece of writing that shows brilliance and talent".
The Waterlogs is play of scenes and spoken arias for actors. It follows three young New Yorkers into the hidden waterways of Manhattan as they cope with the overwhelming influence of the city in their lives and relationships.
Courtney Kraus,
Randall Holden,
Ashley Sawdaye
26.06.03"Thoughtcrimes"Chris Mack Thriller/Period piece (set in the 1890's)

What happens if you wish someone gone, and he actually dies?
Set against the exciting artistic and cultural backdrop of fin-de-siecle Paris, amidst a world of guillotines, graveyards, and insane asylums, this action-packed, symbolist thriller explores the nature of perception, reality, and betrayal.
Barnaby Apps, Luc Baboulène, Claudia Bolz, Heike Brunner, Stephanie Campion, Lemmy Constantine, Yann Soitiño, Thomas Thorpe, Katya Toledano, Jérôme Wiggins  
15.06.03"A Simple Gift"Murray Kaufman When our hero Michael was created, all the imperfections in his genes fled, and God himself marvelled at what he had not created. That's when all the trouble began... Peter Burley, Stephanie Campion, Bill Dunn, Justin Hillier, David Platzer, Eva Schwan  
01.06.03"Three Women"Kenneth Hickey A play about questions. How has one guy's past come to form a present he never wanted? Does he still have any strength left to fight for his future? What courses remain open to him? Which path will he take? Will he sign the contract? And which of the three women will he choose? Robert Barr, Heike Brunner, Peter Burley, Stephanie Campion, Carey Downer, Mark Downey, Stephen Shagov  
25.05.03"No Civility"Michael di Antonio A sardonic - and completely lacking in civility - look at the goings on in the New York emergency services, by an author who has first-hand experience... Sheila Coren-Tissot, Matthew Duggan, Bill Dunn, Roderick Evans, Joel Ganz, Ben Hunter, Alexis Kendrick, Larry McGowan, Nicolas Mead, Michael Morris, Ashley Sawdaye, Eva Schwan, Kim Tilbury,
Shelly de Vito
11.05.03"Three Parts" Adrian Hornsby An exploration into the act of remembering in which voices are used like the parts of a string quartet. Luc Baboulène, Elisabeth Corbett, Damian Corcoran, Georgie Davey, Martin Lewis, Clara McBride, Damian McCann, Emily Randall Published by Kilometer Zero
04.05.03"In Living Memory"Maureen McManus Twenty years after the legendary events chronicled by Homer and Virgil, the "face that launched 1000 ships" looks back at her younger self and the fateful encounter that shaped the history of classical Greece. This is a Helen of Troy as you have never seen her before! Madeleine Barchevska, Sarah Bartlett, Heike Brunner, Stephanie Campion, Bremner Duthie, Eva Schwan, Neomal Silva  
30.03.03"Live Free or Die" and "Hop-Frog" Lance Tait LIVE FREE OR DIE :
A (Canada/US) border-jumping drama with unpredictable time-changes : a prisoner dreams his prison is swept out into lake Ontario in a storm - he escapes and seeks out his ex-girlfriend, whom he finds with another old flame working in a medieval outdoor fair.
An adaptation of a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, also set in Renaissance times : Hop-Frog, a dwarf (and court fool) revenges himself upon his king for striking his wife.
Emilie Bouaziz,
Robert Brazil,
Damian Corcoran,
Sheila Coren-Tissot, Carey Downer,
Bill Dunn,
Neomal Silva,
Kim Tilbury
double bill
"George, the Dragon and the Princess"
"Brides of the Holy Land"
by Marc Sheridan

by Louise Domaritius
Imagine a scenario in which George is the bad guy, the Dragon is the good guy, and the Princess is a no-nonsense feminist. Anything could happen!
"Thank God for our daughter. Girls don't leave home, hide out, lay poisonous plans, dream fiery nightmares of revenge." The martyrdom of a bereft bride destroys the dreams of another bride in this story about the consequences of terrorism in the Arab/Israeli conflict.
Barnaby Apps,
Stephanie Campion,
Béla Grushka, Justin Hillier, Vanessa Pfister, Neomal Silva, Murray Simpson, Shelly de Vito, Zohar Wexler
02.03.03"Warmer than Mississippi Mud"Manda Djinn Happy-go-lucky Lamar tends bar at the Rendez-Vous-Vite Karaoke Club. Two events change his life and thought drastically: the winning of Tac-O-Tac TV and his meeting with Therese and Bern. Sparks fly and words lie. Brooklyn, the club owner and Lovely the waitress, witness his transformation. Laetitia Bourgeois, Deidre Henry,
Belikos Gray,
Frédéric Le Guern,
Jan-Rachelle Wagner
16.02.03"Forgotten Child" Jonus How far would you go to protect the ones you love? A corrupted portrait of modern-day "Good vs. Evil", this spine- chilling drama forces us to re-examine the true nature of our motives, our basic need to survive and the child in all of us who was never heard when someone was desperately needed to listen. Sara Liza Barker,
Robert Barr,
Steve Croce,
Manda Djinn,
Belikos Gray
26.01.03"Unorthodox Behaviour" Barbara Kahn The year is 1913, in a small Russian "shtetl" or Jewish village, in the Ukraine. At the death of her father, a young woman courageously confronts 5000 years of orthodox tradition. A period drama that combines aspects of "Yentyl" and "Antigone". Emilie Bouaziz, Juliet Coren-Tissot, Sheila Coren-Tissot, Bill Dunn  
12.01.03"Synesthesia" Lance Tait Synesthesia : a subjective sensation of a sense other than the one being stimulated (hearing colours, seeing music, touching fragrances). Two unexplained deaths. A police inspector visits a music professor at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Kiev, Ukraine. His theory about why the crime was committed mixes anger, opera, avant-garde music, love and confusion of the senses. A titanic struggle follows between a detective desperate to find a suspect and a witness who has her own mysterious reasons to conceal what she knows. Stephanie Campion,
Damian Corcoran
Presented as part of the New York Fringe Festival in August 2003

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