Some statistics, for those who like that kind of thing :

On 1st January 2001, start time for Moving Parts readings moved permanently to 7.30 pm, where it has remained ever since.
During 2001  
22 plays were read by 107 actors before audiences totalling 383 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
09.12.01"The Colours in Between"Antoinette Moses Two women on the Greek island of Sifnos in 2001, one English and one Greek, watch, ghostlike, the flashbacks to the younger versions of themselves 30 years before when, each suffering from a recent trauma, they became firm friends. Florence Blondeau, Heike Brunner, Stephanie Campion, Marie-France Duhoux, Pierre Grammont, Murray Simpson; directed by Madeleine Barchevska  
25.11.01"The Waterlogs"Bremner Duthie Monologues on a water theme : a play of scenes and spoken arias for actors, it follows three young New Yorkers into the hidden waterways of Manhattan as they cope with the overwhelming influence of the city in their lives and relationships. Courtney Kraus,Randall Holden,
Michael Morris
Read at the Etcetera Theatre in London. Second Moving Parts reading on 6th July 2003 
11.11.01"Last Rights"Mary Bruton-Sandifer   Kim-Michelle Broderick, Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Bill Dunn, Jerry di Giacomo,  
28.10.01"Au Pair Girls" Alan Rossett Beware of the au pair! Scenes in which the roles of working mother and a degenerating series of au pair girls are not always taken by the same one of the two actresses involved. Stephanie Campion,
Melissa Donovan
14.10.01"Mind The Gap"Jim Danek The gap in question is not only the one between the train and the platform in the London Underground, the setting of this play, but also the yawning chasm of a cultural gap between two nations that misuse the same language. Heike Brunner, Stephanie Campion, Damian Corcoran, Jerry di Giacomo, Maggie Goodwin, Augy Hayter, Justin Hillier, Gary Chung Huie, Murray Simpson, Jill Towsley  
24.06.01"Director's Delirium" Paolo de Paola A comic monologue featuring a director who can't actually bring himself to say the word "d’ecting"... Geoffrey Bateman  
10.06.01"Letters from Ireland"Philippe Alkemade The letters are between two sisters - one who got married and went to live in Paris, the other who stayed at home in Ireland to look after Mother. A chronicle of the breakdown of family relationships... Stephanie Campion,
Helen Later
French version showcased by Moving Parts at the Théâtre du Nord-Ouest on 06.08.2011
13.05.01"The Adventures of Solomon Luria"Murray Kaufman Originally titled "The Secret in the Universe", this play concerns the trials and tribulations of a young Jewish Afro-American who receives a visitation from... God? Featuring the President of the United States, not entirely unbased upon one G.W.Bush.... Daniel Lobé, Claudia Bolz,
Stephanie Campion,
Eric Connor, Bob Getter,
Randall Holden,
Murray Simpson
29.04.01"Would be Gods"Richard Herstek  Geoffrey Bateman, Stephanie Campion, Robert Dauney, Bill Dunn, Justin Hillier, Daniel Lobé, Melonie Magruder, Paolo de Paola 
25.03.013 short plays Lance Tait HOUSE OF CULTURE
Sheila Coren-Tissot, Bill Dunn, Lorree Lamb, Michael Morris, Olivier Reynal 
18.03.01"Insomnya" Paolo de Paola A play which shows a highly creative use of the English language... Melissa Donovan, Bill Dunn, Justin Hillier, Eva Schwan, Georgia Smith
04.03.01"Don Juan : a Kitchen Tale"Mark Jennison An unusual adaptation of the classic tale of Don Juan the seducer, where the roles are played out by the staff in a kitchen... Robert Bradford, Per Eriksson, James Mitchell, Nadège Perrier, Jill Towsley  
04.02.01"The Pig's Picnic"


"Kin No Ito"
Joy Chaitin A musical play with dance for young children,
the first act of a new musical currently under development :
"Kin No Ito" (the Golden Thread) based on "La Brodeuse" by Parisian storyteller Françoise Richard, a personal friend of Joy Chaitin (and treasurer of Moving Parts). The story, set in Japan, is of the adventures of Setsuko, who works along with other girls as embroiderers, for a hard taskmistress...
Diane Bertrand, Stephanie Campion, Sally Ann Cojean, Eddie Crew,
Steve Croce, Melissa Donovan, Bremner Duthie, John Haggerty, Jon Hutchinson, Mark Jane, Olivier Reynal, Eva Schwan, Yuriko Tamaki
Pig's Picnic picked up by Dramatic Publishing
07.01.01"Fruit of Thy Womb"Patricia Goulder A study of the issues and prejudices surrounding the science of human artificial insemination Jenna Barrois, Melissa Donovan, Randall Holden, Paolo de Paola,
Peggy Smithhart, Kim Tilbury

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