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In 2000, 21 plays were read by 116 actors before audiences totalling 320 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...

Well, you know the plot... But this is a "digital version" in which the narration is more important than the text. The setting puts a modern interpretation on the goings-on at Elsinore...
Robert Burns, Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Damian Corcoran, Sheila Coren-Tissot, Melissa Donovan, Jerry di Giacomo, Nicholas Hawtrey, Justin Hillier, Paolo de Paola, Jacqueline Reitsma, Murray Simpson  
Murray Simpson"I am dying beyond my means" : Oscar Wilde - Paris, 30th November 1900
This special costumed staged reading of Murray Simpson's play was presented as a dinner theatre event in Carr's Restaurant as part of the centennial commemoration of the death of Oscar Wilde.
Graham Bushnell as Oscar,
with Diane Bertrand, Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Camille Cottin, Justin Hillier, Jon Hutchinson, Dave McEvoy, Tom O'Brien, Murray Simpson, Vivienne Vermes; piano accompaniment : John Dawkins
By popular demand, the play was presented again at Carr's on 9th January 2001
26.11.00"Field of Vision"


"Sarah and Harold at the Court of Dionysus"
Caty Green An adaptation of a story by Ursula LeGuin, about a spaceship returning to Earth with one dead crew member and the others broken in one or other sensory fashion : they have experienced God, each through a different means of perception.
Both Harold Clurman, founder of the Group Theatre, parent of the Actors Studio, and Sarah Bernhardt had strong views and a revolutionary effect on 20th century theatre. However, their views differed, and this play brings these two famous people together in an imaginary trial before Dionysus, the Greek god of drama.
Diane Bertrand,
Stephanie Campion,
Paolo de Paola,
Georgia Smith

Bill Dunn,
Caty Green,
James Mitchell
12.11.00"Sun Rose" Paolo de Paola A la bonne heure, avec bonheur, la voici assise avec un livre. Parfois elle regarde devant elle. A droite. A gauche. Personne ne la dérange. Personne... Sarah Bartlett,
Diane Bertrand,
Stephanie Campion,
Fred Gutierrez,
Jacques Le Duc
2001: staged in French at La Bohème, Paris & the Avignon Festival. 2009: published in English by Editions du Marais, Montréal
29.10.00"The Necklace of Emeralds"Jerry Lincoln Prillaman Based on a classic Indian play "Ratnavali", whose authorship is uncertain : around 300 B.C. by the earliest known Indian dramatist, Bhasa, or by a later King Harsha (12th century A.D.) and his court poet, also named Bhasa. The theme of the play is one of romantic love. Claudia Bolz, Camille Cottin,
Margaret Crowther, Linda Healey,
Mark Jane, Paolo de Paola, Murray Simpson, Thomas Zeuggin
15.10.00"Dancing with God"Murray Kaufman During a storm on the rocky coast of Maine, an eccentric professor's radio telescope starts singing "twinkle, twinkle little star". Could this be the voice of God? And what effect does it have on his tired 25-year marriage and the waning faith of his clergyman brother to discover that God is a middle-aged Afro-American woman? Or is She an escaped lunatic? Amy Berkeley,
Robert Bradford,
Sheila Coren-Tissot,
Bill Dunn,
Christopher Goodman,
Marion Spencer
1.10.00"Sun Rose" Paolo de Paola A la bonne heure, avec bonheur, la voici assise avec un livre. Parfois elle regarde devant elle. A droite. A gauche. Personne ne la dérange. Personne... Sarah Bartlett, Diane Bertrand, Stephanie Campion, Fred Gutierrez, Jacques Le DucSecond reading on 12th November 2000
16.07.00"Winter in Paree"Stephen Muse A parody of life in Paris as seen through the eyes of an American. Racy and funny, the show features cameo performances by various "French" eccentrics... Amy Berkeley, Stephanie Campion, Cormac Connolly, Bill Dunn, Christopher Goodman, Michael Morris, Anne Pawle, Paul Rodriguez,
Eva Schwan, Teresa Tancibok
Recorded and broadcast on the internet where it is still available
25.06.00"Duet for Ids"Caty Green Chris Benson, Stephanie Campion, Christopher Goodman, Randall Holden, Paolo de Paola  
30.04.00"The Holdup"Marcel Wenger Sheila Coren-Tissot, Bill Dunn, Edwin Gerard, Jerry di Giacomo, Christopher Goodman, Vivienne Vermes  
"Put Your Shoes On, Dora" Jerry Lincoln PrillamanThe run-down parlour of a poor rural dwelling in the southern Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, early winter of 1952. Put your shoes on, Dora, it's Friday night and you ought to make yourself presentable. Jeffrey Bracco,
Eddie Crew,
Carrie Paff,
Moe Seager
with 16.04.00"Scheherezade"Augy Hayter When you're in a railway carriage with no corridor, what do you do about the homicidal maniac you're sharing with? Mirabelle Kirkland, Randall Holden, Augy Hayter  
02.04.00"Of Bits and Chips"Anne Pawle Clare MacCallum,
Murray Simpson
05.03.00"Multiple Choice"Alan Rossett A man with suicidal tendencies, out for the truth, decides to return to his home town, where he meets a psychic medium - or is she rather a dangerous quack? A biting comedy about our anguish over the rupture between body and soul, with a choreography that spins the play into the supernatural. Béla Grushka,
Randall Holden
20.02.00 double bill"Pitt's Greatest Speech" MUMPSIMUS (Jerry Lincoln Prillaman) A small mid-eighteenth century assembly hall in England. A satirical monologue for two voices : William Pitt (the younger) and a narrator, who deliver the great man's greatest speech, despite interruptions by a team of plumbers. Stephanie Campion,
Murray Simpson
06.02.00"The Life and Death of an English Teacher in Paris" Eric Needham An English school somewhere in Paris. Teachers are special, aren't they? They are always alone. Who are they, all these little lost islands? Alone and lost in the big blue sea of another country, another culture, another language. People come to Paris to die...Robert Bradford, Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Marie Hisse, Carrie Paff, Paolo de Paola, Erik Rutherford, Michael Stokes 
23.01.00"The House"Laure Millet  Joy Chaitin, Erik Rutherford,
Teresa Tancibok
by Joy Chaitin
Teresa Tancibok
Christophe Beauger, Amy Berkeley, Sally Ann Cojean, Justin Hillier,
Jacques Le Duc, Paolo de Paola

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