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In 1998, 17 plays were read by 118 actors before audiences totalling 182 people

Date Play Author Synopsis Cast Subsequently...
13.12.98"???"Amanda BrownSCREENPLAY Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Brigitte Gauthier, Robert de Loaiza, John Paval, Lesley Phillips, Karen Strassman 
15.11.98"???"Brigitte GauthierSCREENPLAY Claire Jane Bond, Amanda Brown, Stephanie Campion,
Eric Connor, Henri de Feraudy, JoAnne Marie, Lesley Phillips, Karen Strassman
01.11.98"Revenge is Sweet Low"Grahame Elliott A zany comedy about infidelity, crossdressing, a caticidal dog, and a particularly nasty revenge... Stephanie Campion,
Pierre Fontenay, JoAnne Marie, Lesley Phillips, Murray Simpson
04.10.98"???"Celine Fitzpatrick  Stephanie Campion, Eric Connor, Eddie Crew, Gwyneth Lasry, JoAnne Marie, Murray Simpson 
28.06.98"Dear Oscar"Murray Simpson Alone in his room in the Hotel d'Alsace in January 1900, Oscar Wilde feels his life is nearing its end. In ironic monologues, punctuated by flashback scenes with his mother, his brother, his wife and sons, as well as the inevitable "Bosie", he evaluates what remains of his "leftover life".... Jane Bussière, Stephanie Campion, Angela Howard, Lisa Jacobs, Helen Later, Nikki Morin, Trisha Newbery, Irene Palko, Penelope Poulton, Murray Simpson, Vivienne Vermes Showcased as a dinner-theatre at Carr's on 30th November 2000
14.06.98"Agent Oswald"HoffA play about the mother of Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin of President Kennedy... Jane Bussière, Stephanie Campion, Robert de Loaiza, Andrew Mackintyre, Murray Simpson 
31.05.98"Angels Without Wings"Alma MecattafSCREENPLAY Christina Batman, Jane Bussière, Stephanie Campion, Christian Erikson, Helen Later, Gay Marshall, Nikki Morin, Trisha Newbery, Irene Palko, Murray Simpson 
17.05.98"Fishing at Midnight" and "Strangers in the House"Andrew Macintyre A common theme of breaking and entering joins these two one-act plays :
A dream in three scenes, against a backdrop of all sorts of fish. Be very careful when selecting whose house to burgle!
A farce in two scenes : the organiser of a "tour of famous writers' homes" didn't consult the current owners...
Stephanie Campion, Henri de Feraudy, Helen Later, Robert de Loaiza, JoAnne Marie, Trisha Newbery, Irene Palko, Murray Simpson, Sandra Stockley  
19.04.98"Janet Pink"Grahame Elliott A satire featuring a character not entirely unlike Janet Street Porter... Stephanie Campion, Pierre Fontenay, Rebecca Vagg  
22.03.98"Angels" Vivienne Vermes The arranging of a "chance" meeting between lonely Ava Rainbow and shy, widowed Rob, is only the first intervention needed by the angels in the title. Are Gabriel and Michael best qualified for the job? Only Mary, the bag-lady, seems to be able to see things clearly.... Paul Barrett, Stephanie Campion, Les Clack, Patricia Kessler, Helen Later, Catriona MacColl, Irene Palko, Erik Rutherford, Murray Simpson  
08.03.98"Nellie Melba"Grahame Elliott A fantasy about the life of Australia's greatest star, by a compatriate author and musician. Stephanie Campion, Pierre Fontenay, Elaine Lewis, JoAnne Marie, Cynthia McPherson, Trisha Newbery, Murray SimpsonSecond reading on 10th January 1999
22.02.98"Oscar"Murray Simpson Act II of the play about the last years of Oscar Wilde and his death in Paris in 1900 Stephanie Campion, Eddie Crew, Grahame Elliott, Henri de Feraudy, Marie Houzelle, Helen Later, Nikki Morin, Irene Palko, Murray SimpsonFirst reading of the full play on 28th June 1998
08.02.98"The S Word"Kate Scott "Boredom is at the root of all human development. It is the single most important and widespread emotion". People deal with tragedy in different ways, both onstage and offstage. Stephanie Campion, Helen Later, Irene Palko, Erik Rutherford 
25.01.98"Oscar"Murray Simpson Act I of the play about the last years of Oscar Wilde and his death in Paris in 1900 Pascal Aguttes, Stephanie Campion, Helen Later, Irene Palko, Murray SimpsonReading of Act II on 22nd February 1998

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