Elcid Asaei

Elcid Asaei

Elcid grew up in London. He has knowledge of both film theory and practice, completing his Masters degree in Film Studies at University College London (UCL) in 2008. His screenplays, "The Hours After" and "Deprivation" were read back to back at Moving Parts in Paris, and he plans more readings in the near future.

Melvyn Chase     Melvyn Chase

After a public relations career that spanned more than thirty-five years − primarily as a speechwriter, Mel retired from corporate life. Although he continued to work as a P.R consultant, he returned to his first love: fiction. In 2005, a collection of his short stories was published by the Sunstone Press:" The Terminal Project and Other Voyages of Discovery". His first novel, "The Wingthorn Rose", a story of transgression, redemption and the power of love, was published in September 2008, and a second book, "The Food of Love and Other Tales of Lovers, Dreamers and Schemers" in August 2014.
His first play," Home Bodies", was written after the short stories and before the first novel. In October 2006, he found the Moving Parts reading of the play a valuable learning experience. The audience, as well as the actors themselves, provided insightful, substantive comments that helped him rewrite the play, clarifying the motivation of the characters and creating a stronger dramatic framework. The play was recently analysed by the Bloomington Playwrights Project at the University of Indiana, inspiring further improvements which Mel brought to a second reading at Moving Parts in September 2009.


Kathleen Cromie Kathleen Cromie

Les pièces de Kathleen Cromie ont été jouées en Amérique, en Angleterre, et maintenant en France. Elle a un diplôme d'écriture pour le cinéma et la télévision de la Boston University et elle est la voix derrière "La Résistance", un podcast sur ?la Résistance française dans la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Elle travaille pour Warner Music Group à Los Angeles et elle fait aussi partie du comité de sélection de "Big Break" (La Bonne Fortune) : un concours de scénarios organisé par Final Draft.

Alvin Eng   Alvin

Alvin Eng is a native New Yorker playwright, performer and educator. He is thrilled to be making his Paris debut with Moving Parts’s presentation of THREE TREES. This historical drama explores the unique relationship between Alberto Giacometti and Japanese existential philosopher, Isaku Yanaihara, and is set in Paris and Tokyo. The play is the first work of his PORTRAIT PLAYS cycle about artists and portraiture. In 2013, THREE TREES will be produced by the Pan Asian Repertory Theatre in New York. 33&1/3 CORNELIA STREET, the second Portrait Play, is about Greenwich Village bohemians, painter Alice Neel and poet/oral historian manqué, Joe Gould. In June 2012, this play will be presented in a staged reading by the Medicine Show Theatre in New York. In 2011, Alvin was in residence at Hong Kong City University as a Fulbright Specialist scholar in U.S. Studies/Theatre. There, in collaboration with his wife, actress/director Wendy Wasdahl, he conceived and directed OUR TOWN: CHINA/USA, a devised theatre/oral history project. That year he also made his Asian debut performing his memoir monologue play, THE LAST EMPEROR of FLUSHING at XiaoZhou People’s Hall in his family’s ancestral Guangdong Province.


Roderick Ford   Rod Ford

Roderick Ford a publié deux recueils de poèmes. Le premier est intitulé "The Shoreline of Falling" (le Littoral de la Chute) et le second "The Green Crown"(La Couronne Verte). Il a reçu de nombreux prix, éloges et a été finaliste de nombreux concours de poésie. Il travaille actuellement à son troisième recueil intitulé provisoirement "Amphibian of Noise and Silence" (l'Amphibien du Bruit et du Silence").
Il a commencé à s'intéresser à l'écriture de pièces de théâtre en 2010 après la publication de son recueil "The Green Crown". Moving Parts a organisé des lectures publiques de ses œuvres "The Numberless House" (la Maison sans Numéro) en 2012 et "Tenebrae" (les Ténèbres) en 2013. Il travaille actuellement à l'écriture de deux nouvelles pièces: "The Threshold of Yellow" ( l'Orée du Jaune) et "The Spider's House" (la Maison de l'Araignée).
Pour se connecter à son site internet, veuillez cliquer ici

Jean-Claude Gerbeaud   Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude Gerbeaud, licencié en droit et ayant fait carrière dans deux ministères (Finances, Justice) a écrit huit pièces de théâtre : "L’engrenage", "Les chats vénitiens", "Un ticket pour Brooklyn", "L’hiver des séducteurs", "Des lendemains désordre", "Toilettes", "Comme chez eux", "Happy-End".
Il est également l’auteur de deux romans : "Le Farfadet" et "l’Absent". Et d’un livret atypique et déjanté de comédie musicale : "Lav-Stories".
Son univers consiste en un mélange de sujets souvent dramatiques auxquels des situations cocasses et un dialogue caustique donne une saveur de comédie.
Son but est de s’inscrire dans l’apparente logique de la vie.


Mose Hayward   Mose

Mose Hayward is the author of the humor book
" The Explosexuawesome Career Guide", published in the United States and Canada by Andrews McMeel. He has written comedy sketches in Spanish for the last year and a half for Leonart on Spain’s national network Televisión Española. He was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to Spain to study Catalan physical comedy at the Institut del Teatre, and his farce theatre creations have been seen in Barcelona, Paris and New York.

Gwyneth Hughes   Gwyneth

Gwyneth Hughes has lived most of her adult life in Paris. Five of her full-length plays, two of her plays with songs, and eleven one-acts have greatly benefitted from readings by Moving Parts in recent years. She has had several professional play productions in the United States, including at the Quartz Theatre in Ashland, OR, and by the Love Creek Productions in New York City. One of her stories won the ICB story competition for 2015. Many of her short stories have been published in Great Britain and are scheduled to appear soon as collections.


Philippe Jourde   P.Jourde

Philippe JOURDE, auteur (Sociétaire adjoint S.A.C.D)  écrit aussi pour la radio: Dramatiques de la nuit (France Inter); Histoires en liberté (Radio Bleu); Nuits Noires, Nuits Blanches (France Inter)
Auteur et réalisateur de documentaires dont: "BAUDELAIRE, Samuel CRAMER" primé au Festival d'Hyères.
En écriture: "DIAGHILEV, Créateur et Magicien des BALLETS RUSSES"
Egalement Comédien (C/o Arlette Berthommé)

Hilary Kaiser   Hilary Kaiser

Hilary Kaiser was born in New York City but grew up in San Francisco. She has lived off and on in Paris, France for many years and is a dual American and French national. After a career teaching as a tenured professor at the University of Paris, she returned to the Bay Area for eight years and studied with award winning playwright Anthony Clarvoe. She has written four full-length plays, all of which have had developmental readings, both in California and at Moving Parts and other venues in Paris. She is the author of numerous one-acts and is a writing member of the Little Wonder Radio Play production team based in Paris. Her plays, her three published non-fiction books, and her novel in progress often address cross-cultural issues.


Rex McGregor   Rex McGregor

Rex McGregor is a New Zealand playwright. His short comedies have been produced on four continents from New York and London to Sydney and Chennai. His most popular play, "Threatened Panda Fights Back", has been produced over a dozen times. "The Birds Are Feeding Me" has had multiple Zoom productions and readings.

Yelena Moskovich   Yelena Moskovich

Yelena Valer’evna Moskovich emigrated to America as a Jewish refugee from the Ukraine (USSR) in 1991. Her plays have been staged-read and produced in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Boston, New York, Vancouver and Paris, as well as published in Emerson College’s Thread Script Anthology. Most recently she was awarded the Nicole Dufresne Playwriting Scholarship.


Paolo de Paola   Paolo de Paola

An active member during the early years of Moving Parts, Paolo has been much missed since he moved to Canada, where he now lives with his wife and two sons. Here’s the official biography:
Born in Rome, Paolo de Paola left his native country at the age of 23 to study drama at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New-York city. He has worked as an actor, director, playright and teacher in London, Paris and New York. He is the author of two plays, "Donald’s Affair" (published by Les Editions du Marais in a French translation by Janik Tremblay with the title "Donald, sa Muse") and " Soleil Rose"
Né à Rome, Paolo De Paola quitte son pays natal à l’âge de 23 ans pour étudier à l’American Academy of Dramatic Arts de New York. Il a ensuite travaillé comme comédien, metteur en scène, dramaturge et enseignant à Londres, à Paris et à New York. Il est l’auteur de deux pièces de théâtre, "Donald, sa muse"(traduction de la version originale " Donald’s Affair") et "Soleil Rose"

Kartik Singh   Kartik Singh
Paris based Indian-American Filmmaker

Kartik Singh originally intended to be a diplomat. He received a B.A. in Economics and International Studies from American University in Washington, DC. During those years, he was also taking acting and film classes, and spent most evenings rehearsing and performing plays. Upon graduation, he made a commitment to follow his dream of writing and directing feature films. The first step was moving to Paris and enrolling at the Sorbonne. Since he started making films in 2000, his narrative shorts have been shown in over 100 festivals worldwide. They have also been shown on television (Arte, Canal+, and SBS). His film "Saving Mom and Dad" (15’, 2007) is based on his childhood. It won fourteen awards and is the subject of a feature length version which is in development with Mysteo Films. His next project will be his first feature film, "Callback".

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Timothy Jay Smith  Tim Smith

Timothy Jay Smith is an award winning screenwriter, playwright and novelist. His screenplays have won competitions sponsored by, the American Screenwriters Association, Hollywood Screenwriting Institute, Houston WorldFest, and the Rhode Island International Film Festival. He has placed repeatedly in the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Nicholl Fellowships. He is the Executive Producer of a web-based series (in production), and is the founder of the film and entertainment company, Kosmos Films. He has co-produced three stageplays in the U.S., and his own first play, staged successfully in New York City, won the prestigious Stanley Drama Award. His first novel won the 2008 Paris Prize for Fiction.

Eric Sanders     Eric Sanders

THE PRINCE AMONG MEN : A comedic political satire about a school election.
HELIOPAUSE : Set in Rwanda before, during and after the genocide.
WHERE’S ANNIE? : In an act of revenge, Sarah Bitts returns for the first time in twenty years to her grandparents’ farmhouse to lay bare their secrets.
NAPOLEON IN EXILE : This absurdist comedy is based in part on Napoleon’s infatuation with The Arabian Nights.
FREE ENTERPRISE : In this comedy, two small-time con-artists become embroiled in a diamond machine swindle.
HETEROTOPIA : A 1920’s costume party reflects and refracts the struggle for meaning in the lives of three friends.
BY THE MASTER’S HAND : A disgruntled artist infatuated with the historical figure known only as the Spanish Forger seeks his revenge on the art world.
The Joseph Kesselring Prize (New York 2006) : One of twelve playwrights nationally to be nominated for the 2006 award.
Princess Grace Awards Fellowship Competition : The Heliopause named a Finalist.
Edward Poole Lay Fellowship in Playwriting (2005) : Award issued by Amherst College to commission a full-length version of The Heliopause for the Alliance Theatre Company (Atlanta, GA)


Lance Tait    Lance Tait

LANCE TAIT grew up in northern New York. His plays have been performed or have received public readings in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, Toronto, Paris, the United Kingdom and at the American Repertory Theatre and Harvard University. He has an M.A. from Boston University where he studied playwriting with Nobel laureate Derek Walcott. Tait has been a visiting lecturer in theatre at Leeds University in England. In 2002 Tait founded Theatre Metropole, an English-language theater troupe, in Paris. In 2003, Tait directed his play, SYNESTHESIA, at the New York International Fringe Festival. It starred Stephanie Campion and Damian Corcoran. In 2007 Tait and Theatre Metropole moved into providing comedy videos for the internet. The first video, SEX IN ADVERTISING, was based on a comedy sketch first seen at Moving Parts. It became a cult hit and eventually averaged 1,000 views per day during 2007. The Edgar Allan Poe Project is a continuing project; so far 15 Poe short stories have been adapted as plays. In June 2007 Tait, as founder, producer and director of Theatre Metropole, signed an agreement with Crackle, an internet entertainment company owned by Columbia Pictures, to present Theatre Metropole’s videos on the web. As a singer/songwriter, Tait has performed solo in London, New York and Los Angeles. He has presented his poetry in Spain and Serbia.

Julie Wornan    Julie Wornan

A retired computer programmer, Julie Wornan discovered a passion for writing plays while attending Moving Parts workshops. She set about converting some of her short stories into playlets. Eight of these were enacted by Moving Parts in June 2014 under the title "Premonitions", as they foreshadow aspects of a rather frightening not-too-distant future. Many of the stories are accessible online at "Bewildering Stories". A collection of the stories has been published as an e-book under the title "The Mutual Reverse See – fables for our times" (Amazon).
An ardent climate activist, Julie has just completed a BD, "Sauvons la Planète", to be published by Les Presses duMidi. An English version, "Let’s Save our Planet", is in process..

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