Elena Schmidt interviewing Danny Rukavina
after the reading of his play at Moving Parts

Danny RUKAVINA was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been living in Paris since 1990. He teaches public speaking and communication in business schools (BBA / MBA) in Paris. ‘The Buckley Finishing Line’ is his second play. It was the first public reading of his work at Moving Parts in April 2007. A second reading is scheduled for 16th March, 2008. He is also a member of Scenaristes (a writers group) in Paris.

It all began…
"I’ve always been fascinated by words. As a child, I took great delight in reciting poetry. I was fortunate that my parents were able to offer me speech and drama lessons throughout my secondary schooling. Later on I took acting classes. My one big claim to fame came when I scored a guest appearance in the ‘Sullivans’ (the precursor to ‘Neighbours’) in the role of Nikko."

"The move to playwriting in the last couple of years is a natural progression of my interest in the spoken word. I find that all the voice and acting work I’ve done is an invaluable asset in understanding dialogue. In many ways, for me, creating characters for the stage is essentially about freeing voices."

The Future…
"My goal is to get ‘The Buckley Finishing Line’ to a final draft by the end of the year. It would be great to have it produced fairly soon after that because its subject matter, which explores the social and psychological consequences of gambling in a family setting, is very relevant to the larger societal debate today about the dangers of super-casinos. My next project will definitely be a film script."


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